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Model Number: 1-1-68220
UPC: 815419013479
SKU: 27767079
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Take your game to the next level with EastPoint Sports accessories. EastPoint Sports accessories are the perfect way to complete a fun-filled game experience for the casual or competitive player. Upgrade yours today!

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UPC: 810043493789
SKU: 229427564
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Face off with the 80-inch (6 foot 8 inch) NHL Pulse Hover Hockey Table! Designed for two players, this large air-powered hockey table is just like the classic arcade version you remember. Take your best shot and score a goal as you get the puck to slip through the small slots located at each end. An automatic LED electronic scoring system and sport stadium sounds allow the players to experience the power and fast-paced excitement of a professional hockey game at home! GlazeTek coating shines and protects the surface from scrapes and scratches. Power corners light up when hit and unpredictably deflect the puck! This air hockey table for adults and kids includes 2 pucks and 2 pushers. Bring fun to the rec room, basement or office break room with officially licensed NHL equipment, tabletop games, indoor sports games, and table games for family. Find the perfect outdoor gear, indoor products, children’s toys and combo gift sets for sports lovers of any age... all right here!

Model Number: 1-1-01241
UPC: 815419013295
SKU: 21693195
$38.70 $38.96
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This EastPoint Sports Deluxe Billiard Table Starter Kit contains everything you need to set up and play a game of billiards. This billiard set includes 16 official-size billiard balls and one wooden triangle. Leather cue tips and four chalk cubes are also included with this starter set. You can store the items in this billiard kit in the included bag when you are finished playing your game. An official rule book is also included in the EastPoint Sports Deluxe Billiard Table Starter Kit.

Model Number: 1-1-68309
UPC: 815419016913
SKU: 35764386
$8.92 $9.99
40 reviews
A little competition is a great way to liven up any gathering, and the EastPoint Sports Portable Ka-Pong game set provides entertainment and competition family and friends can enjoy. Players can either choose to leave the cups empty or fill them with their beverage of choice. Ideally played on a folding table, EastPoint Sports Portable Ka-Pong comes with 22 cups (11 red cups and 11 blue cups) and 15 orange table tennis balls. Set the cups up in triangles of six or ten at either end of the table with the points facing each other. Each team gets two shots per round with the goal of bouncing a tennis table ball into an opponent's cup. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is removed from the board and play continues. The first team to eliminate all the opponent's cups wins. Easy to set up and easy to learn, Ka-Pong is a great game that will engage and entertain family and friends.

Model Number: 1-1-19271
UPC: 815419012328
SKU: 27767060
27 reviews
able tennis just got a lot more convenient with the EastPoint Sports Table Tennis Net and Post Set. This net and post system is designed to be fast to set up and easy enough for almost anyone to quickly get into a game. The steel posts are constructed to be durable and tough, while being adjustable to fit any table tennis top or conversion table. This set makes a great upgrade or replacement for your old net and post system and will provide countless hours of long-lasting play. Fits most tables measuring up to 2.75 inches thick. Includes 1 table tennis net and 2 posts. Update yours today to provide fun for the whole family!

Model Number: 1-1-00386
UPC: 815419015602
SKU: 55369529
$1.94 $65.70
22 reviews
Badminton is a sport suitable for both friendly backyard games and professional athletic competition. EastPoint Sports ensures all competitors, family members or friends are ready for a badminton game wherever it begins. Six bright multi-colored, sturdy plastic EastPoint Sports Badminton Shuttlecocks provide hours of endless fun. Extra shuttlecocks are always useful and with six per pack, each is made according to official sized regulation; Used in easy-going and relaxed games of badminton. EastPoint Sports uses colorful durable plastic so shuttlecocks can withstand hours of consecutive playing. With two orange, two white, two yellow, and red, white & blue shuttlecocks per pack stored in a reusable tube, players can easily locate and transport shuttlecocks. Evenly distributed feather-like plastic cutouts provide smooth and steady flight while the bright head leads the shuttle over net.

Model Number: 1-1-51852-DS
UPC: 813570013604
SKU: 170767480
12 reviews
Improve your soccer skills or play a pickup game with the EastPoint Sports 6' Pop-Up Goal. It is easy to set up in minutes with no tools required. The foldable and lightweight design of this portable soccer goal makes storage and transportation a breeze. Simply twist and fold in seconds to store in the convenient carry bag. Its steady frame construction grants it stability while in use and the durable mesh netting withstands almost any shot you take at it. This easy soccer goal comes with four pre-attached ground stakes to keep the net firmly in place for play, practice drills, friendly matches and more.

Model Number: 1-1-19246
UPC: 815419012267
SKU: 27767058
$6.00 $6.00
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The Eastpoint Sports 40mm 3-Star Orange Table Tennis Balls - 6 pack is a great addition to your table tennis collection. This pack of balls measures the official tournament size and weight for competitive tournaments of casual matches. Each ball is engineered for precision roundness, accurate rebounding and are suitable for tournament competition. Great for an upgrade or replacement, they are the ideal way to complete a fun-filled game experience. Each package includes 6 balls in a standard orange color with the EastPoint Sports logo imprinted on it.

Model Number: 1-1-02597-DS
UPC: 815419017644
SKU: 49801946
$48.13 $49.99
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Establish fun and friendly competition between family members, close friends, coworkers and neighbors while enjoying EastPoint Sports 6-Player Croquet Lawn Game. With 6 large, durable mallets and 6 color-coded balls, begin large, fun games of croquet and create lovely memories with friends and family as you enjoy shared friendly competition. It comes with an included caddy ideal for portability and storage. Whether spring, summer or fall, liven up any celebration, special event or gathering with endless rounds of croquet. Devote more time outdoors participating in fun activities with 6-Player Croquet Lawn Game and less time indoors. The 32-inch handles on croquet mallets ensure more natural playing posture and efficient swing while larger croquet balls provide more surface area for contact. EastPoint Sports 6-Player Croquet Lawn Game set also includes two stakes and nine wickets for comprehensive play.

Model Number: 1-1-9901-0008
UPC: 066143441414
SKU: 21002445
$4.96 $8.99
11 reviews
Fox 40 is the maker of the high-quality whistles found everywhere from NBA courts to high school and recreational fields! This classic official whistle is a staple of referees and coaches everywhere with a hard-molded black plastic construction that holds up to the intense demands of games and practices. Ordinary whistles use a small ball inside the chamber to create a pulse, which produces less sound and can easily be jammed by dirt, water, ice or saliva. Our pea less whistle design is intense and penetrating, reaching up to 115 dB to cut through crowd noise and be heard over long distances both outdoors and indoors. This black plastic whistle is an essential component of sport and basketball coaching accessories and can be found in the NBA, FIFA, NFL, FIBA, NCAA, FINA and WNBA. Includes a breakaway lanyard for easy accessibility and added safety.

Model Number: 1-1-16947-DS
UPC: 813570017619
SKU: 993340459
$122.91 $259.99
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Bring good times and fun competition with you anywhere you go with this premium quality bean bag toss game from EastPoint Sports! Our game boards are durably designed with materials that range from hardy solid wood to waterproof plastic, to sturdy metal-framed MDF and collapsible all-weather fabric. Look no further for a lively adult cornhole drinking game or an entertaining corn hole for kids game. EastPoint Sports provides the ultimate fun games & activities for family picnics, tailgate parties, day trips, youth birthdays, back yard BBQs, weddings, graduations, beach outings and all your summertime fun in the sun! EastPoint Sports cornhole sets are sturdy yet lightweight and easy to carry, with innovative inner compartments to store and transport bean bags inside the nested boards. They make awesome gifts for men, women, boys and girls of all ages and skill sets. Click 'Add to Cart' for the ultimate family-friendly fun!

Model Number: 68230
UPC: 815419013486
SKU: 27767080
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The EastPoint Sports Hover Hockey Pucks - 3 pack are the best choice for replacement or upgrade pucks for this classic game. The slick designs makes it easier for them to slide across the table and for fast rebound action. The sturdy plastic construction is durable and will last many practice sessions and games. Each pack contains three orange colored practice pucks of different shapes to provide players with a variety of gameplay action. ach puck measures 2.63" (L) x 2.63" (W) x 0.2" (H) and weighs 0.15 lbs. (2.4 oz). Whether you are an experienced player or new to the game, they will help create a fun-filled experience for you.