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Model Number: 2000014864
UPC: 076501907292
SKU: 13848609
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Coleman Mosquito Head Net can help to protect you from biting and stinging insects on your next camping adventure. The fine mesh material of this head net has holes that are small enough to prevent even the tiniest, most annoying of bugs from getting through. The beauty of this product is that it's a clearly see mosquito head net, so your vision isn't impaired when you use it. No matter where you're going or what you're doing, you will still be able to see through this net. Coleman Mosquito Head Net provides you with the protection you need if you spend a lot of time outdoors where flying bugs might be present. It can used when hiking, camping or gardening. The elastic band attached to this Coleman camping accessory keeps it feeling comfortable when attached to your hat and around your neck. With the application of the neck net it creates a barrier from forehead to chest that keeps bugs out.

Model Number: 3000005145
UPC: 076501380897
SKU: 28966570
$41.62 $50.69
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Make the fun last longer when you roll in with a Coleman 50-Qt Xtreme Cooler. It uses an insulated lid and extra insulation in the walls to keep your items cold for up to five days. Large enough to hold 84 cans, this Coleman 50-qt cooler gives you plenty of space for refreshments for a whole group of people. It is handy for heading on a long weekend camping trip, a road trip or across the ball field. This wheeled cooler has a long, telescoping grip that helps you roll over almost any terrain with hardly any effort. The additional molded handles make it easy to lift in and out of the car or onto a picnic bench. Once you arrive, the Have-A-Seat top ensures you always have a place to sit and relax. The cup holders molded into the Coleman 50-qt cooler help keep your cold drink close while you enjoy the day.

Model Number: 2000018352
UPC: 076501115598
SKU: 35395711
$64.00 $79.99
90 reviews
The Coleman Double High Support Rest Airbed has an extra-high design that offers added cushioning and makes it easier to get in and out of the bed. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this inflatable mattress is perfect for houseguests or to take on camping trips. The velvet-like plush top offers a soft feel, so you can drift off to sleep in comfort, while the Support Lock reinforced construction lets you enjoy a more stable sleeping surface. Once the mattress is inflated, the AirTight system and Double Lock valve help keep the mattress at the perfect firmness level. This queen air mattress supports up to 600 pounds and fits standard queen size sheets. An integrated Wrap 'N' Roll storage system allows you to fold, roll, and store the air bed quickly for easy cleanup and storage.

Model Number: 3000004344
UPC: 076501204629
SKU: 13848710
$2.84 $4.88
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Light the way on any trail when you pack Coleman String Tie #21 Mantles 4-Pack for your Coleman fueled lantern. It's good for camping trips with friends, or "camping trips" in the backyard with the kids. Simply slip the Coleman lantern mantles onto the burner tie, cut the string and prime the mantle to get clear white light. Ease of use and durability make this a tool worth having if you're a person who enjoys being outdoors. Coleman single mantle lantern makes outdoor activities more convenient with brighter adventures and long-lasting performance time. Even considering the good service life and functionality, your lantern will eventually die down, so consider keeping extras on hand. A well-lit lantern is a campsite staple, don't walk out the door without Coleman String Tie #21 Mantles 4-Pack.

Model Number: 2000016960
UPC: 076501097696
SKU: 35518760
$36.53 $71.99
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Enjoy additional support and cushioning with the Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow. It is a lightweight piece that will not weigh down your gear. This camping sleeping pad features a comfy tufted design that adds an extra layer of padding between a sleeping bag and the ground. It has been equipped with a free-flow valve to allow the sleeping pad to self-inflate with no air pump needed, for added convenience. It simply rolls out and inflates automatically when the valve is opened. When it is time to pack up, re-open the valve and push the air out using the compression straps. Thanks to its durable, weather-resistant polyester shell, this Coleman self-inflating camping pad with a pillow can endure night after night of use. The sleeper is portable and can be stored in a closet until needed. You can utilize this cozy piece for sleepovers so friends and family will have a wonderful night of sleep.

Model Number: 2000032171
UPC: 076501900217
SKU: 43980090
$15.66 $38.41
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Keep steady gas pressure in your Coleman propane stove, grill/stove or Fold N' Go stove (each sold separately) with the Coleman Camp Stove Regulator Replacement Part. It's easy to install and works in most Coleman stove models. All you have to do is simply check your device user manual for compatibility with the Coleman propane stove parts. Keeping your equipment in top working condition is crucial to providing yourself and others with a comfortable experience while traveling or camping. By adding extra propane accessories to your supply, you can keep one step ahead of the elements. It can never hurt to be prepared when going on grand adventures out into the wild. Pack a spare Coleman Camp Stove Regulator Replacement Part to help ensure that you can enjoy optimal cooking while staying in the great outdoors.

Model Number: 2000004457
UPC: 076501048711
SKU: 15840148
$61.74 $74.99
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Ideal for camping at higher altitudes or in cooler months, the Coleman Dunnock Cold Weather Adult Sleeping Bag helps you sleep comfortably in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This sleeping bag features Fiber lock construction that keeps the insulation from shifting, reducing cold spots and increasing durability. A cotton cover and ultra-soft cotton flannel liner also keep you warm, as well as a Thermolock draft tube that prevents heat loss through the zipper. The bottom of the bag unzips to provide extra ventilation on warmer nights. A two-way patented ZipPlow zipper system plows fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags and frustration. And the Roll Control design and Wrap 'N Roll integrated packing system make this lightweight backpacking sleeping bag easy to roll and pack. The Dunnock Big and Tall Cold Weather Adult Sleeping Bag has a spacious design that can accommodate most people up to 5 feet 11 inches in height. It is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Model Number: 2000026263
UPC: 076501136128
SKU: 49578610
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Enjoy the extra ruggedness as you sleep comfortably under the stars with a Coleman Heritage Hunter II 25 Big & Tall Sleeping Bag, even when it's 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The Dura-Tough tarpauline bottom resists water and is more rugged than most conventional sleeping bag materials, so you can enjoy more comfortable nights. You'll stay comfortable with lightweight Coletherm hollow polyester insulation and the Thermolock draft tube helping to keep your body heat in the bag. The Comfort Cuff design makes sure you only have soft fabric around your face while you sleep. Thanks to the heavy-duty ZipPlow zipper, you'll get snag-free opening and closing every time. Stash a few small things, such as gloves or a flashlight, in the interior tuck pocket. Packing up is made easy with the Roll Control system to keep your bag straight while rolling and the no-tie Quick Cord system to keep things cinched tight, and an included expandable stuff sack provides extra storage protection.

Model Number: 5620B718G
UPC: 076501302424
SKU: 21156004
$16.65 $18.99
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Keep plenty of refreshing water on hand with the Coleman 5-gal Water Carrier. Ideal for camping, barbecues and sporting events, this durable jug holds up to 5 gals of water. The spigot of the Coleman water container unscrews for quick filling and makes it easy to grab a drink or dispense water for cooking or cleaning at a campsite. The molded handle on the top lets you easily lift and carry the water carrier to your destination. The Coleman jug with water carrier is made from a sturdy plastic material for added durability and scratch- and impact-resistance.

Model Number: 3000004475
UPC: 044411022558
SKU: 17058291
$30.67 $54.99
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Stay safe and comfortable on the water with the Stearns Adult Classic Series Life Jacket. This life jacket for adults has an open-sided design for extra breathability and comes with three adjustable 1-inch buckle straps that provide a secure fit. Featuring a soft polyester shell and durable Crosstech flotation foam, this life jacket withstands steady use season after season. Great for boating, tubing, and swimming, this blue life jacket is designed for adults weighing 90 pounds or more and fits 30- to 52-inch chests.

Model Number: 2000032181
UPC: 076501008951
SKU: 13849007
$76.00 $94.87
185 reviews
The Coleman Big Game -5 Degree Canvas Sleeping Bag has 6 lbs. of Coletherm insulation, a 10 oz cotton canvas cover and cozy cotton flannel liner. Whether you're camping or accommodating guests, the warm and welcoming interior is sure to be a hit. This Coleman king size sleeping bag keeps you comfortable to temperatures of minus 5 degrees. The large size fits most individuals up to 6'5" and includes a 12" x 20" cotton flannel pillow. Simply zip two matching bags together to create a double-bag, and enjoy a luxurious sleeping arrangement even while camping. Thanks to the two-way zipper, you can allow airflow at the foot of the bag to regulate temperature when the weather is warmer

Model Number: 2000020947
UPC: 076501239362
SKU: 44489307
$148.97 $149.99
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The Portable Coleman Sport Roadtrip Propane Grill has a wheeled stand that makes it easy to move and position. The lift and lock system also allows you to securely set it up. In addition, it features an insta-start ignition and removable tray that collects the grease while you cook. This portable propane grill has a spacious grilling area to prepare your favorite meals at a tailgate party, picnic, camping trip or just in the backyard with family and friends. The grate is simple to remove, making clean up a breeze when you are done. When cooking is over, simply latch the lid, collapse the legs and you can be on your way to your next adventure. This Portable Coleman Sport Roadtrip Propane Grill is durable and sturdy, making it an ideal addition to your cooking accessories and will be your go-to grill when preparing your next meal for the whole family.