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Model Number: Parker Hairbrush
UPC: 648620584489
SKU: 304727833
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Parker's 100% Premium Boar Bristle Hair Brush with a Natural Beechwood Handle. Made with 100% premium boar bristles which are renowned for providing superior conditioning and smoothing of the hair and stimulating the scalp. The Medium/Firm Bristles are excellent for brushing Short Length Hair, as well as for Thinning or Fine hair. The solid beechwood handle ensures a comfortable grip and the most efficient styling. Packaged in a luxurious gift and storage box. Regular brushing with a high quality boar bristle brush will naturally smooth & condition your hair, while improving its texture. It is an essential grooming tool that helps you achieve the style you’re after by distributing natural oils, messaging the scalp and helping your hair to look its healthiest.

Model Number: 356578
SKU: 200980817
$13.99 $19.99
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What it is: For strong hold and a matte finish, Premier Clay adds texture and volume to short or medium-length hair.What it does: Texture that takes you through the day. Your hair's nice and clean and ready for styling. For a messy, relaxed style with added texture choose Premier Clay. The extra hold helps to add volume, and keep your style going strong all day long. It contains creatine to prevent hair breakage. Then there's a nourishing extract of hemp seeds, which is highly valued for its protein and omegas.

Model Number: SRX
UPC: 638183778494
SKU: 119478753
$24.99 $30.00
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If you are looking for a barbershop quality straight razor but are tired of sharpening and stropping (or don't want to start) this product offering is for you! Our Parker Safety Razor straight edge barber razor has a genuine stainless steel blade arm and is of the highest quality. This Heavyweight shafted is designed for professional and barbershop use. It has a snap lock to secure the blade in place as well as many other features found only in high-end models. This razor comes with 5 parker premium 1/2 blades! This razor will accept half a double edge blade as well.

Model Number: 844061010611
UPC: 844061010611
SKU: 740744282
$17.49 $26.28
4 reviews
Original Penguin's newest scent, PREMIUM BLEND, is an icy, fresh aromatic fragrance that opens with a burst of crisp bergamot, fresh lime peel, and wild spearmint. The heart of the scent reveals a sea splash accord, Mediterranean rosemary, and violet leaves. The long-lasting trail of fresh musk, driftwood, and earthy vetiver polishes off this cool, refreshing scent - uniquely refined and undeniably addictive. 3.4 fluid ounce eau de toilette spray Fresh, icy aromatic Refreshing aquatic splash

Model Number: 200-3150-0001
UPC: 767056180024
SKU: 679037237
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Enjoy Thicker, Healthier Hair - With Baicapil and Other Beneficial Ingredients Packed with nourishing DHT blockers, our hair loss regrowth support shampoo for men helps combat the leading causes of hair loss. Supercharged by Baicapil, Saw Palmetto, Argan Oil and other nourishing ingredients, our Premium Hair Growth Support Shampoo for Men helps stimulate regrowth by boosting circulation to the scalp. Castor oil and caviar extract help strengthen hair for volumizing and thickening. Product info * Premium Shampoo in Nourish Beaute’s line of hair loss regrowth support products for men * Helps promote thicker, fuller, healthier hair * Helps fight thinning hair in 5 ways: blocks harmful DHT, increases circulation to the scalp, stimulates the growth phase, cleanses scalp and improves follicle anchoring * Nourishing blend of vitamins, botanicals and oils helps rejuvenate hair * Our hair regrowth support shampoo for men contains Baicapil, Saw Palmetto, Argan Oil, Green Tea, Lemon Grass and other nourishing ingredients * Packed with Vitamins A, B5, C and E

Model Number: 339273
UPC: 867124000268
SKU: 342792344
$16.87 $24.00
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The 18.21 Man Made Premium Hair Spray is one of men’s best hair products to choose from. Whether you are styling formal or unstructured hair, this fast-drying product is a flexible hold spray that creates a natural, classic look. This unisex product works well on any type of hair texture and length, and it goes on flake-free and can be brushed through without losing shape.This paraben-free hair spray is formulated with a water-soluble mix to provide maximum frizz and fly-away control. You don’t have to worry about your hair having an artificial shine with this spray. The satin-sheen spray holds your hair firm against wind and humidity without flattening or weighing down over time. This spray is a high-density mist that provides consistent, balanced coverage while offering a long-lasting hold.The design of the packaging is unique and stylish, so feel free to leave this product out on the bathroom countertop for some decorative flair. With the look and feel of an early 20th century beer can, this product smells of sweet Virginia tobacco.

Model Number:
UPC: 647356535239
SKU: 734088808
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Premium Beard Oil & Conditioner is a nourishment and styling tonic for your beard. Made with a proprietary blend of 10 of the most powerful carrier oils, vitamins, minerals and essential oils available. It may help increase hydration and nourishment to beard hair follicles. Our Premium Beard Oil & Conditioner also helps you tend to your beard and keep it groomed perfectly. You can use the oil to style your beard as per the latest trends! It may also help prevent beard hair fallout and itchiness. Also help prevent beard hair fall and itchiness.

Model Number:
UPC: 648620581884
SKU: 171611288
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Parker's sandalwood & shea butter shave soap contains premium natural ingredients. The result is a smooth and comfortable shave that softens and conditions your skin. This soap contains genuine Ethiopian shea butter and pure sandalwood extract. The lather generated is rich, thick and lasting. A "must" for those who demand a quality shave soap for use with a shave brush.

Model Number: 96R
UPC: 786830375296
SKU: 127116413
8 reviews
The Parker 96R butterfly open is one of our most popular models based on its classic good looks, intermediate weight and textured black and chrome handle. It has a thinner diameter handle, so it is great for those with smaller hands. It has Parker's precision engineered twist-to-open head, a nice heft and a wonderful balance. It is an excellent unisex razor for both new and experienced wet shavers. The frame is all brass and the head is nickel plated. This razor has a sure grip handle and provides an incredibly smooth shave when coupled with the Parker Premium blades. It weighs 3.0 ounces and is perfect for both new and expert wet shavers. We believe this razor will rival any on the market for shave closeness and comfort - even those costing much more.

Model Number: SRW
UPC: 885209870681
SKU: 109299056
$23.50 $31.89
5 reviews
Parker's Shavette Razors are used in barbershops and shave parlors worldwide. The unique "clip to close" mechanism on this razor keeps the razor blade securely in place and perfectly aligned. Unlike most shavettes, our razor has a stainless steel blade arm- not lower quality aluminum. Many straight razor enthusiasts have told us the shavette razors perform just like a straight razor -- except that there is no honing or sharpening required. Just pick your favorite double edge blade, snap it in half, and insert it into the razor. It's that simple! We also carry the blades that are precut in half if you prefer. Comes with 5 Parker Premium Half Blades.

Model Number: 98R
UPC: 638183779095
SKU: 166420415
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This genuine unisex Parker Safety Razor is extremely heavy, weighing in at 4.3 ounces! This is a traditional 3 piece safety razor with a textured handle for a sure grip. It has a wonderful heft and its knurled handle makes it terrific for use with wet and soapy hands. It is an excellent razor for those who have been looking for a high quality heavy weight razor for a close shave! Properly cared for, it will last a lifetime. Forget those 4 and 5 blades razors that cost a fortune for blade refills - these double edge razors deliver a close shave at a fraction of the cost. Couple these with our premium quality blades and you have an outstanding combination that can't be beat.

Model Number:
UPC: 648620583352
SKU: 619470379
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The Parker "Semi-Slant" double edge safety razor has the advantages of a slant bar razor (more cutting surface on each whisker due to the blade angle) without the aggressiveness and dramatic blade exposure associated with other slant razors. This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shave. Parker’s Semi-Slant safety razors are milder than the typical slant, combining the best of a slant razor and a conventional safety razor. Since the blade angle is torqued, this razor cuts the hair at an angle instead of straight on, resulting in a very efficient shave. The Semi-Slants are great for those with thicker, more coarse hair, as well as for wet shavers with sensitive skin. We recommended using very little pressure when shaving with our Semi-Slant for excellent results.