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UPC: 648620582584
SKU: 202767097
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The Parker Variant lets you easily adjust the blade exposure by turning the knob on the bottom of the razor. The lower the setting, the less the blade exposure and the milder the shave. Start on a mild setting and notch it up as you gain expertise or want more blade exposure. It is compatible with all standard double edge Safety Razor blades. A long 4 inch handle makes this razor weigh 110 grams. Keep the razor blade at a small angle and don't press the razor against your skin for barbershop close shave. The pack also includes 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Included.

Model Number: 66R
UPC: 638183778203
SKU: 146785553
$32.00 $40.00
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The Parker 66R continues in the tradition of excellence with a solid brass frame, butterfly open mechanism, and Parker's world-famous smooth shaving head design. The Parker 66R is noted for being a heavy razor, which makes cutting through the toughest of beards easy...resulting in a smooth and comfortable shave. Changing blades is simple and effortless - simply twist the knob on the bottom of the razor to open the butterfly doors and drop in a new blade. The Parker 66R has been designed with features to ensure a quality shaving experience. Solid brass frame, designed to provide years of trouble-free shaving. Advanced plating process - ensures a beautiful and durable finish to each razor.

UPC: 648620582966
SKU: 947424965
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Parker's Double Edge Razor Blades,100 Count (20 x 5), Premium Platinum Razor Blades with Platinum, Tungsten and Chromium Coated Edges. 20 Tucks of 5 Blades for a total of 100 Blades. Manufactured with Premium Quality Stainless Steel from Sandvik of Sweden. Each blade is precision honed and Plated with Platinum, Tungsten & Chromium for smooth and comfortable shaves. A great performer in all brands of Double Edge Safety Razors.

Model Number: CR-PRBB
UPC: 736211208743
SKU: 690495071
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The Premium flat iron is the ultimate tool for creating professional looking results. Black titanium plates will help lock in moisture, reducing static. The floating plates move with hair, creating an effortless and smooth glide. Its deluxe thumb grip and color-changing cool tip makes styling more comfortable and safe. Perfect for all hair types, such as color treated and coarse hair.

Model Number: W-C-13718
UPC: 816248020904
SKU: 891793815
$37.15 $52.95
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Skin rejuvenating formula has been carefully selected for its traditional healing abilities. Superior biologically active ingredients support natural skin functions, giving you a visibly healthier appearance.

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UPC: 021757108399
SKU: 696092363
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Fall Nail Art Stickers Decals Leaf Glitter Maple Fall Nail Art Sequins Supply MaRedness: Redness and swelling of the toes. Pain: Walking and squeezing can cause pain. Inflammation: inflammation and suppuration at the nail groove.Main Features:Easy special gasket to keep nails from sticking into the flesh and protect your nails.Slim and pliable, with a comfortable width of 0.8 mm, thin and flexible, nail bend also sticks to usePrevention of recurrence: Orthodontic nail is suitable for repeated nail inlaying, physical correction of nail inlaying, no recurrence.Keep using it every day to maintain health and hygiene. Non-toxic, clean, and more confident.Using MethodsPull down the nail groove, expand the space, fast and slow, give the nail grows out of the space. Use the gasket side to push into the seam of the armor until it can't be pushed.Specification:Materials:PPPackage Size:13CM × 9CM × 7CMProduct Weight :25GPackage Contents:Nail Groove Special Gasket × 1(Tweezers +10pcs gasket)Note:Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.

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UPC: 601707022168
SKU: 887054287
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Set of seven makeup brushes featuring a fun design and soft bristles can help you apply different types of makeupSet ContentsLip brushRound tip lip brushLoose powder brushFoundation brushHigh gloss brushEyeshadow brushSmall eyeshadow brushExotic Beauty Cosmetic Brush Set 7-Piece7-piece brush setGreat for liquid, powder, and cream makeupFun designSoft nylon bristlesCan be used by most skin typesProduct materials: nylonProduct dimensions: 1.2 x 1.6 x 7.9

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UPC: 761036843114
SKU: 700387196
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This opulent collection of color will have you feeling like a queen! Each compact is a treasure of its own. High pigmented smooth, blendable shades. Just the right payoff to create the ideal day or night look!. Paraben-free and Cruelty-free. Product Dimensions: 8.46 in. L X 1.18 in. W X 11.42 in. H.

Model Number: 45R
UPC: 648620582218
SKU: 177921091
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The Parker 45R double edge safety razor has a beautiful brass and enamel plating. The long handle offers easy maneuverability and fine balance while shaving. With a three-piece head design, this 110-gram heavyweight double edge safety razor provides a smooth and comfortable shave. It provides precise blade alignment to give you a barbershop or shave parlor quality shave at home. This safety razor comes with 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge razor blades. These blades are used in shave parlours and barbershops around the world due to their ability to deliver a close and comfortable shave.

Model Number: 91R
UPC: 738613487108
SKU: 134225640
$29.00 $30.79
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This Parker 9 R double edge razor is a heavyweight safety razor weighing 3 ounces or 85 g. With a precision engineered head and extra heft, this razor delivers a smooth and comfortable shave every time. It features a three-piece screw-off design that allows for precise blade alignment resulting in a barber shop quality shave at home. With a textured handle, it is suitable for both new and experienced wet shavers. It provides a firm grip, even with wet, soapy hands. Made from the finest materials, this razor provides smooth and comfortable shaves for years to come. It comes with 5 Parker premium double edge safety razor blades.

Model Number: 97R
UPC: 648620581891
SKU: 146751169
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The Parker 97R is an outstanding razor. It has a traditional 3 inch long handle which is crafted from solid brass and chrome plated. The herringbone pattern on the handle provides an excellent grip - even with soap covered hands. This razor's precision engineering and heft are no challenge for tackling the toughest of beards. This razor is an excellent choice for both new and experienced safety razor users. Classic 3 Piece design for accurate blade alignment - 5 Premium blades included. Chrome plated brass frame for longevity. A SOLID razor - weighs 3.0 ounces. An excellent choice for both new and seasoned safety razor users.

Model Number: 24C
UPC: 638183778784
SKU: 142898920
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Get a barbershop quality shave with this Parker’s 24C double edge safety razor which features an open comb head design that stretches one’s skin before shaving to give a close shave. It has a 4-inches textured handle with a genuine brass frame. This premium 3-piece safety razor reduces shaving bumps and razor burns, unlike cartridge razors. With five premium Parker platinum blades, it offers users a convenient and economical way to say goodbye to thick stubble and undesired hair on their skin. The three-piece safety razor allows easy cleaning, precise blade alignment, and lasting service.