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Music is one of the great joys of childhood, and kids that learn music are proven to do better in skills like science and math. This Click n' Play Clarinet makes learning music fun and exciting. You'll find that with this durable 8 keys Clarinet, burgeoning musicians can't get enough as they experiment by blowing and pressing on keys which produces realistic sounds! The size of this unique Clarinet is 16.5 inches and it's heavy-duty constructed from European material which have passed all tests for lead and other unsafe chemicals. It is a great gift for kids of any age from three and up.

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Suitable for beginners, the Casio SA76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard offers young and budding musicians the essentials for playing those first notes and tunes. This Casio musical keyboard has an easy-to-read LCD display that shows useful data like the tone, rhythm, song number, metronome, tempo, the note being played and the various settings for the above parameters. The easy-to-use design and well laid out keys on this Casio SA76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard make it easy to switch between different sounds with the press of a button. The 5 percussion pads and 44 keys are laid out in such a way that small hands can play comfortably while they learn the art of music. This portable music keyboard with its compact size and light weight (3.1 lbs. without batteries) can be carried around easily. This Casio musical keyboard contains a headphone jack and is operable on six AA batteries. An AC adapter is available separately.

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This magnetic telescoping LED flashlight and pick up tools has three LED bubbles and flexible neck, which can turn at a 180-degree angle and extend up to 59cm. It has magnets on both top head and bottom. Top head magnets help to retrieve lost tools, keys and more and magnetic base to attach to metal surface for use as a working light.

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Like the traditional Chilean instrument, this rainstick is created from dried cactus. Thorns pressed into the hollow shaft creates the sound of rain as the pebbles cascade over them. Natural dried cactus. Traditional sound. Made in Chile. For ages 3 and up.

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Made with non tunable natural head, hardwood and a satin finish. These beautiful drums produce a full rich sound. Includes an adjustable nylon strap. Natural skin head. Satin finish. For ages 3 and up.

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Written for adults, this hands-on guide demonstrates how to make easy musical instruments with children. Detailed instructions are included for making more than 60 unique instruments that are suitable for children as young as five years. Serving as a resource in the classroom or home, this manual is extensively illustrated with drawings and photographs along with an audio sample of the instruments in lively solo and ensemble pieces.

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Say it loud, say it proud — the Styled Basics Large White Megaphone is a craft project worth cheering for! At 13 inches tall and 2.5-6 inches wide, this plastic megaphone will amplify your team spirit — and your creativity! Featuring an all-white design with a metal shouting tube — it’s easy to customize this cone-shaped megaphone with your favorite craft materials. Stickers, markers, ribbons, confetti, gemstones, adhesive collegiate letters — use your choice of embellishments to make this megaphone as festive as can be! When you’re all finished customizing, grab the megaphone by the metal side handle, hold it up to your mouth, and scream, shout, and cheer on the fun!

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Disney Frozen Sing Along Boombox. Includes Real Working Microphone and Built-In Speaker. Sing Along to the Built-In Music. Portable and Lightweight Design for Portability. Bring Your Disney Frozen Boombox to Your Friends House or to Parties. Bring Out the Star in All of You. Ages 3 years and up. The Perfect Gift For Any Girl.

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With this delightful mini ukulele guitar from Click N’ Play, toddlers, big kids and beginners alike can enjoy making beautiful music while introducing themselves to the world of music. Featuring sturdy wood construction that is durable under enthusiastic play, this best-selling ukulele is the perfect size for younger children to begin developing their musical skills. Fully playable as well as easily tuned, this ukulele offers the realistic feel of a more professional instrument, while remaining kid-friendly for little artists. Your child will love discovering their musical interests, and parents will enjoy time they spend teaching their kids about rhythm, composition, strumming, and other musical techniques. Made from high quality solid wood with durable nylon strings, this is an instrument that is sure to be loved and cherished by your kids for years to come. Musical instruments stimulate children through every stage of their development and help nurture and instill a passion for music. All Click N’ Play products sold in the USA meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.

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This book uses all the resources available to establish what each instrument in the bible really was, what it looked like, and how it was played and is arranged in the same order as the King James Bible, with explanation where this differs from other versions in English. As well as a full bibliography, there are three indexes. For everyone who's read the Bible and wondered what David's harp, or Nebuchadnezzar's sackbut and cornett really were, Jeremy Montagu, retired curator of Oxford's Bate Collection of Historical Instruments, has composed an astoundingly thorough investigation and explanation of the musical instruments that pepper the pages of Western Civilization's most holy book. This is a detailed study of all the musical instruments mentioned in the Bible, using the resources of linguistics, organology, and ethnomusicology to identify and describe them. Every reference to an instrument is noted and all the misconceptions of translation are corrected. The Bible, as we know it in English, is a translation, and the history of biblical translations into Aramaic, Greek, Latin and other languages is one of guesswork. The substitution of the musical instruments from the translator's era for those of the original author is as common as it is overlooked. Jubal did not have an organ, nor David a harp. This book uses all the resources available to establish what each instrument really was, what it looked like, and how it was played and is arranged in the same order as the King James Bible, with explanation where this differs from other versions in English. As well as a full bibliography, there are three indexes. The first is of Biblical Citations so that readers may check every mention in the Bible from its chapter and verse. The second is a quadrilingual parallel citation in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English, so that each reference can be crosschecked. The third is a general index. The four biblical languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin, are used to the full, and the original texts are cited frequently. There are 18 illustrations, some of which are archeological remains, some ethnographic parallels, and one is of the sole biblical instrument still in regular use: the ram's horn which brought down the walls of Jericho. Musical Instruments of the Bible is perfect for university theology and comparative religion depa

Dawn of the Daw : The Studio as Musical Instrument (Paperback)

Assistant Professor of Music Education Adam Patrick Bell
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Dawn ot the DAW tells the story of how the dividing line between the traditional roles of musicians and recording studio personnel (producers, recording engineers, mixing engineers, technicians, etc.) has eroded throughout the latter half of the twentieth century to the present. Whereas thoseequally adept in music and technology such as Raymond Scott and Les Paul were exceptions to their eras, the millennial music maker is ensconced in a world in which the symbiosis of music and technology is commonplace. As audio production skills such as recording, editing, and mixing are increasinglyco-opted by musicians teaching themselves in their do-it-yourself (DIY) recording studios, conventions of how music production is taught and practiced are remixed to reflect this reality. Dawn of the DAW first examines DIY recording practices within the context of recording history from the late nineteenth century to the present. Second, Dawn of the DAW discusses the concept of the studio as musical instrument and the role of the producer, detailing how these constructs haveevolved throughout the history of recorded music in tandem. Third, Dawn of the DAW details current practices of DIY recording--how recording technologies are incorporated into music making, and how they are learned by DIY studio users in the musically--chic borough of Brooklyn. Finally, Dawn of theDAW examines the broader trends heard throughout, summarizing the different models of learning and approaches to music making. Dawn of the DAW concludes by discussing the ramifications of these new directions for the field of music education.

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Musical instruments are among the most meaningful artifacts produced by humankind, a marriage of technology, artistry, symbolism, religion and entertainment. Musical Instruments presents over 100 examples from the MFA's world-renowned collection, spanning a breadth of centuries and cultures, offering a brilliant array of instruments as producers of both aural and visual delight. The pieces shown here--which range from an ancient Greek trumpet to a modern lap steel guitar, from earthenware panpipes to the phenomenally complex Indonesian gamelan--are remarkable not only for the myriad sounds they produce, but also for their attractive, at times breathtaking, extraordinarily varied physical aspects. As objects of both cultural expression and sculptural craft, these are among the most exquisite and intriguing instruments ever created. More than a mere picture book, however, this latest title in the MFA Highlights series offers, as do its companion volumes, an accessible introduction to the genre, bringing to the fore the full richness, artistry and significance of musical instruments around the world.