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Model Number: Fret Wrap
UPC: 791740359274
SKU: 210936516
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Features: Suitable for 7-string  acoustic / electric / classic guitars, bass or other string instrument fingerboard width above 45mm. A great assistant tool for guitar/ bass players for reducing the noise caused by unnecessary vibration of the strings. Provides and keep lines without unwanted string noise while practice, learning and performance. Made of soft and fine material, high strength and good tenacity, durable to use and no any damage to your guitar strings Easy to use, no tools or special installation required, quick to wrap, suitable for daily use. Specifications: Color: Black / Orange / Leopard(optional) Fits: 7-string Acoustic / Electric / Classic Guitars, Bass and more string instrument fingerboard width above 45mm Item Length: 19.5cm / 7.6in Item Weight: 7g / 0.24oz Package Size: 15.5 * 10.5cm / 6.1 * 4.1in Package Weight: 12g / 0.42oz Package List: 1 * Fret wrap

Model Number: Bridge
UPC: 791740384016
SKU: 541185222
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Rosewood Classical for Classic Guitar Features: rosewood material, excellent durability. Small and exquisite, light weight, it is convenient to carry. Suitable for classic guitar. Specifications: Material: Rosewood Weight: 15g Item size: 18.6 * 2.8 * 0.9cm Package size: 22.5 * 5.0cm Package including: 1 * Classic

Model Number: Drum Beater
UPC: 791740403656
SKU: 505546517
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Features: High-quality beater specially designed for bass drum pedals. Wool felt side and stainless steel handle, durable and sturdy. Offers a traditional sound and feel. An ideal replacement for your old drum pedal beater. Specifications: Material: + Wool Felt + Stainless Steel Item Size: 21.2 * 4.7 * 3.5cm / 8.3 * 1.9 * 1.4in Item Weight: 72g / 2.5oz Note: The drum set and drum pedal showed in the pictures are not included. Package List: 1 * Beater

Model Number: Polishing Tools
UPC: 791740392370
SKU: 489269121
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Features: The guitar kits is made of metal, sturdy and durable. The self-contained file set features 13 pieces different dimension round files and 1 piece flat file. 2 fret protection shims are used for preventing fingerboard from being scratched and damaged while filing or polishing. Suitable for classical folk guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, ukulele, etc. Suitable for luthier, guitarist, and DIY for many fret works. Specifications: Material: Metal Polishing Sheet Size: 8.5 * 1.3 * 0.1cm/ 3.3 * 0.5 * 0.04in Grinding Gasket Size: Large: 7.8 * 2.2 * 0.3cm/ 3.1 * 0.9in                                    Small: 7.8 * 1.3 * 0.3cm/ 3.1 * 0.5in File Box Size: 7.5 * 2.9 * 1.4cm/ 3.0 * 1.1 * 0.6in Item Weight: 31g/ 1.09oz Package Size: 10 * 7 * 2cm/ 3.9 * 2.8 * 0.8in Package Weight: 32g/ 1.13oz Package List: 1 * File Box 2 * Metal Gasket 1 * Polishing Sheet Size

Model Number: Electronic Drum
UPC: 791740382951
SKU: 823770752
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Features: Roll-up design, portable, light weight, and concise. Standard drum-set with foot pedal makes you feel the same as real drum. 9 pads with 3 different drum styles, natural and powerful sound. With recording function, convenient to record your inspiration anywhere anytime. Can use built-in music or connecting your computer or MP3 as accompaniment. Adjustable playback speed and . Besides connecting amplifier, you can connect a headphone to enjoy the sound by yourself without disturbing others. Powered by USB 5V or 2pcs 1.5V AAA batteries. Perfect for learning and listening. Specifications: Color: Black with white Material: Silicone Power supply: USB 5V or 2pcs 1.5V AAA batteries (batteries are not included) Item size: 40 * 27 * 0.5cm / 15.7 * 10.6 * 0.2in Item weight: 665g / 23.4oz Package size: 41 * 30 * 5.5cm / 15.7 * 11.8 * 2.2in Package weight: 1214g / 42.9oz Package List: 1 * Electronic Drum 1 * Foot Pedal 1 * USB Cable 2 * Drum Stick 1 * Operation Instruction (English) Note: Batteries are not included. This electronic drum is without speaker. You need to connect it to amplifier or headphone to enjoy the sound.

Model Number: Luthier Tool
UPC: 791740389790
SKU: 380397829
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Feature: A set guitar fret press tool with wooden blocks and mini hexagonal wrench. Used for pressing guitar frets, helpful tools for luthier. Easy to , replace or maintain fret, convenient to use. Adopt metal, and wood as material, dutable in use. 100% brand new and . Specification: Material: Metal, , Wood Color: Blue Item Size: 33 * 15 * 5cm / 13 * 5.9 * 2inch Item Weight: 947g / 33.4oz Packing List: 1 * Guitar Fretting Tool 2 * Wood Block 1 * Mini Hexagonal Wrench Note: The copper sheet shown in the picture is not included, which is only used to display the effect picture.

Model Number:
UPC: 787825370562
SKU: 492310642
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Features:Plug and Play  The condenser microphone with USB data interface which is compatible with laptop or PC. No need driver installation and complicated debugging.Echo Function & Additional Volume Knob  Recording microphone with additional knob itself has a louder output. Built-in reverb chip, adjust the reverb knob to add perfect reverb effect.Cardiod Pick-up Pattern  Ensures high sensitivity which reduces pickup of unwanted sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source, make sound quality more clear and pure.Rotatable and Portable  The USB condenser microphone with solid sturdy metal construction design and stable tripod stand,easy to adjust and secure the angle position of the USB microphone.Condenser Microphone  Capacitor microphone has low noise, accurate sound picking, firm and reliable, stable performance and good directivity.Microphone Accessories  Triangle bracket has the most stability, stable support. Rotating shaft bracket sleeve ring, easy to install, can easily adjust a variety of angles.Specification:Model: -100FXProduct type: Condenser MicrophoneColor: Black,Blue(Optional)Directivity: CardioidConnection: USB  Frequency : 30Hz-20kHz  Function: Recording  Polar Pattern: Uni-directional  Type: WiredItem size:14.7*4.5*3.5 cm / 5.79*1.77*1.38 in(L * W * H)Item weight: Approx.687g /24.23ozPackage size:28*18*7 cm / 11.02*7.09*2.76 in(L * W * H)Package weight:739g /26.07ozPacking list:1 * USB Condenser Microphone1 * Tripod Stand1 * Clip1 * USB Cable1 * -wind Foam Cap 

Model Number: Whammy Bar
UPC: 791740381565
SKU: 581695169
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The tremolo arm of direct insertion style features 6mm insert part diameter, it can be used for most electric guitar tremolo system, it allows you make more perfect performance with excellent tone control. Features: Fits for most electric guitar tremolo system. Insert part diameter approx. 6mm, arm diameter approx. 6mm. The length of bar approx. 5.3mm. Direct insertion design, easy for operation. metal plated with chrome, durable for use. Specifications: Material: Metal Color: Black Thread Diameter: 6mm Arm Length: Approx. 17cm / 6.7in Item Weight: 44g / 1.6oz Package Size: 18 * 6 * 1cm / 7.1 * 2.4 * 0.4in Package Weight: 45g / 1.6oz Package List: 1 * Tremolo Arm Note: Please measure your size exactly and check the size shown in picture carefully. The tremolo arm socket not included.

Model Number: Instrument Bridge
UPC: 791740383996
SKU: 447136348
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Adjustable Rosewood Mandolin for Mandolin Features: rosewood material, excellent durability. Small and exquisite, light weight, it is convenient to carry. It can be adjusted, suitable for mandolin. Specifications: Material: Rosewood Weight: 16g Item size: 11.5 * 2.1 * 0.8cm Package size: 17.2 * 5.0cm Package including: 1 * Mandolin

Model Number: Power Adapter Case
UPC: 791740390949
SKU: 803582814
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Features: Applicable for 9V battery, suitable for acoustic guitar and bass pickup. Made of , durable and wearable for long service time. Great accessory for guitar pickup, excellent replacement for guitar players. With a maximum size of 5.6 * 5 * 3.1cm/2.2 * 1.97 * 1.22in. Easy to mount, convenient to assemble it. Specifications: Color: Black Material: Item Size: 5.6 * 5 * 3.1cm / 2.2 * 1.97 * 1.22in Item Weight: 20g / 0.71oz Package Size: 12 * 7 * 3.5cm / 4.72 * 2.76 * 1.38in Package Weight: 22g / 0.78oz Package List: 1 * Battery Case

Model Number: Reed Trimmer
UPC: 791740408156
SKU: 668568789
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The reed with sharp blade can guarantee a cut. Features: Designed for clarinet reed. Sharp blade can guarantee a cut. Stable stage can ensure symmetry Made of material, durable and sturdy. Specifications: Item Color: Black Item Material: ABS & Metal Item Weight: Approx.23g / 0.8oz Package Weight: Approx.28g / 1.0oz Package Size: Approx.7.8 * 4.5 * 1.8cm / 3.1 * 1.8 * 0.7in Note: The reed showed in the pictures is not included. Package List: 1 * Reed Trimmer

Model Number: Tuning Peg
UPC: 791740384849
SKU: 270076342
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Features: The set is designed for 4/4 and 3/4 double bass, not for other model. Set of 4 tuning pegs, 2 tuners for left side and 2 tuners for right. Reserved 4 holes for screws mounting, easy to install on yourself. Made of brass and steel, exquisite surface reflects excellent craftsmanship. Great replacement accessories for wearing and old parts of double bass. Specifications: Color: Gold Material: Brass + steel Quantity: 2 left 2 right Package Weight: 774g / 23.30oz   Packing List: 4 * Double Bass Tuner Pegs