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Model Number: String Winder
UPC: 791738479892
SKU: 577659871
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Features: String peg winder, can also be used as a pin remove tool. Detachable head design, can be used with electric winder for quick and easy performance. PC material, lightweight, durable and -broken Suitable for loosening and tightening strings of acoustic/ electric guitars or bass. A great assistant tool for luthiers or guitar players. Specifications: Material: PC Item Weight: 19.5g / 0.7oz Package List: 1 * String Winder

Model Number: Microphone
UPC: 791738352393
SKU: 166431642
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Features: 3.5mm jack, for , , some Andriod devices, computer and loudspeaker. High sensitivity, high dynamic, wide frequency response. 360°rotary clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar, tie or pocket. A foam cap protects your mic from wind noise and spit. Portable an exquisite, the cable is about 1.5m. Great for audio, video recording and hands-free mic speaking. With a small bag to store and carry the mic. Specification: Type: Condenser Microphone Frequency : 20Hz-16KHz Sensitivity: -30dB +/-2dB =2.2k Ohm VS=3V Plug socket: 3.5mm Cable length: Approx. 1.5m / 5ft Package size: 11.5 * 8 * 1 / 4.5 * 3.1 * 0.4in Package weight: 29g / 1oz Package List: 1 * Clip-on microphone 1 * Foam cover 1 * Small bag

Model Number: Percussion Drum
UPC: 791738472695
SKU: 534181431
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Features: Handheld sheepskin tambourine, with wooden drum circle and metal single row jingles, makes clear and melodious sounds when you play it. Tambourine comes in diameter of 4 inch, small size, light weight and convenient to carry. Easy to play, shaking or flapping it to make cheerful plink. Educational toy tambouring for kids and adults, enhancing their musical sense and eye-hand coordination. Add much fun to party, dancing, wedding, concert, music class, games, festival etc. Specifications: Main Material: Wood, Sheepskin Item Size(Diameter): 4 inch Item Weight: 65g / 2.29oz Package Size: 10.5 * 10.5 * 5cm / 4.13 * 4.13 * 1.97in Package Weight: 67g / 2.36oz Package List: 1 * Hand Tambourine

Model Number: Lavalier Microphone
UPC: 791738366260
SKU: 972836937
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This is a kind of fine quality lavalier microphone, with 3.5mm long jack cord. With 1.5m long cord, don’t have to worry about short distance for recording sound. Beautiful vocal sound quality, high noise ratio performance, broad frequency response and low distortion. You can have a try. Features: Broadcast quality, professional-grade lavalier Mic with 3.5mm jack cord. Reinforced cable ensures that you never stretch or snap your microphone under normal usage conditions. With 1.5m long cord, don't have to worry about short distance for recording sound. Move around freely when doing video recording. Lavalier design, hands-free, you can use it without the limited of time and place. Beautiful vocal sound quality, high noise ratio performance, broad frequency response and low distortion. Suitable for recording film, interviews, video, network sing, auditorium and classroom setting, playing games, selfier and wherever it may be necessary to record audio in loud and clear quality. Specifications: Name: Lavalier Microphone Material: ABS Color: black Mic size: Φ 6.0 * 2.2mm / 0.24 * 0.09in Cord size: 1.5m / 59.06in Item weight: 25g / 0.88ounce Package size: 100 * 50 * 20mm / 3.94 * 1.97 * 0.79in Package weight: 25g / 0.88ounce Packing list: 1 * Lavalier Microphone

Model Number: Pick holder
UPC: 791738474347
SKU: 714330229
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Features: Wood pick storage box, for plectrum storage, easy to carry. Beautiful appearance, elaborately polished surface, with natural wood grain. Made of pure natural wood, fine sturdiness, long service life. Strong durability, wear resistant, exquisite workmanship. Suitable for guitar pick storage,  live a natural and artistic life. Specifications: Color: Natural grain Material: Black walnut wood Item size: 4 * 4.2 * 2.9cm / 1.57 * 1.65 * 1.14in Item weight: 22g / 0.78oz Package size: 6 * 4.2 * 3cm / 2.36 * 1.65 * 1.18in Package weight: 23g / 0.81oz Note: This box is made of natural wood, so the color and grain may differ from one to another. The pictures may not reflect its real color due to the computer display and light, please in kind prevail. Please think over before you buy it, thank you. Package list: 1 * Wood pick holder

Model Number: Audio Cable
UPC: 791738459894
SKU: 218604881
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Features: Qualified PVC, good softness. XLR to 6.35mm, Female to Male. Inside aluminum foil shielding layer to reduce interference, for a better fidelity effect. Suitable for mic, mixer, amplifier, sound card,etc. Specifications: Color: Black Material: PVC Type: XLR to 6.35mm, Female to Male Cable length: Approx. 1m / 3ft Item weight: Approx. 93g / 3.3oz Package size: 19 * 14 * 2cm / 7.5 * 5.5 * 0.8in Package weight: 99g / 3.5oz Package List: 1 * Audio Cable

Model Number: Tremolo Bar
UPC: 791738427688
SKU: 539797638
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Features: Made of good metal. With a , easy to use. Diameter is about 5mm. Specifications: Material: Metal color: Black, white (optional) Diameter: 5mm Package size: 21 * 9 * 0.5cm / 8.3 * 3.5 * 0.2in Package weight: 33g / 1.2oz Package List: 1 * Tremolo Arm

Model Number: Whammy Bar
UPC: 791738424809
SKU: 259961668
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The tremolo arm features 6mm arm diameter, 9mm threaded collar internal diameter, it is designed for tremolo , with this arm, you can quickly adjust the string tension and change the tone, realize tremolo effects. Features: Tremolo arm for electric guitar, special for tremolo . 6mm arm diameter, 9mm threaded collar internal diameter. Made of iron, high glossiness. Arm length approx. 175mm. It helps you to easily adjust the tension of string and change the tone. Specifications: Materials: Metal Color: Black Arm Length: Approx. 175mm Arm Diameter: Approx. 6mm Arm Internal Thread: 9mm Item Weight: 46g / 1.6oz Package Size: 18 * 3 * 1cm / 7.1 * 1.2 * 0.4in Package Weight: 47g / 1.7oz Package List: 1 * Tremolo Arm Note: Please measure your size exactly and check the size shown in picture carefully. The not included.

Model Number: Bow Hair
UPC: 791738482779
SKU: 626155497
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Features: One hank horsehair for 4/4 violin bow. In natural white color, unbleached. About 73cm/ 28.7in long. One end is bound already for convenient mounting. Ideal replacement for your old bow hair. Specifications: Color: Natural White Fit: 4/4 Violin Bow Material: Horsehair Length: 73cm/ 28.7in Note: The violin bow showed in the picture is not included. Package List: 1 * Bank Horsehair

Model Number: Pickguard
UPC: 791755851138
SKU: 730667697
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Features:  5 holes in the side of pickguard, suitable for TL guitar. 3 ply panels produce clearer and brighter sounds. Made from high-quality PVC material, protecting your guitar from scratching. Exquisite workmanship, outstanding and stylish appearance. There is one layer thin protective film on the front surface of the pickguard to causing damage during shipping.   Specifications: Material: PVC Color: Black, white, mint green, cream, white pearl, black pearl, brown tortoise shell (optional) Pickguard Size: 22 * 19 * 0.3cm/ 8.07 * 7.48 * 0.1inch Package Weight: 86g/ 3.03oz Note: You can peel off the thin protective film on the front surface of the pickguard after installation. Package List: 1 * Pickguard

Model Number: Bells Bracelet
UPC: 791738427398
SKU: 650792484
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This bracelet with metal jingle bell comes out with melodious plink. It can add much more fun to kid's game. party, dancing, concert, etc. Features: Jingle bracelet, designed with 4 metal jingle bells, comes out with melodious plik. Fastener tape design makes it hard to fall off wrist when dancing or shaking hand. Approx.9in in length, fits for kids and adults. Add much fun to party, dancing, concert, etc.   Specifications: Color: Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Dark blue, Green, Light green (optional) Quantity: Pair Product length: 23cm / 9in  Package size: 14 * 12 * 3cm / 5.5 * 4.7 * 1.2in Package weight: 80g / 2.8oz Note: The color of this item showed in photos maybe look slightly different in your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated in the same way. Package List: 2 * Jingle Bells Bracelet

Model Number: guitar bridge pin
UPC: 791738449956
SKU: 383006010
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With this product, your guitar will increase the point string , making the sound of guitar more clear and transparent. Features: Made of light material, chemical stability, no corrosion. It can effectively extend guitar tone, and increase the point string . This product can enhance string energy, increase panel vibration, and make guitar sound cohesive and granular. The sound is clear and transparent, enhance the sound quality. It has excellent transparency and abrasion resistance. Perfect gift for yourself and the guitarist. Specifications: Color: black, white (optional) Material: Item size: 40 * 20 * 10 mm / 1.57 * 0.79 * 0.39 in Package size: 70 * 55 * 10 mm / 2.76 * 2.17 * 0.39 in Package weight: 8 g / 0.28 ounce Note: The guitar in the picture is not included. Package list: 6 * Acoustic guitar pins