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Model Number: Bridge
UPC: 791755881753
SKU: 168493787
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Rosewood Classical for Classic Guitar Features: rosewood material, excellent durability. Small and exquisite, light weight, it is convenient to carry. Suitable for classic guitar. Specifications: Material: Rosewood Weight: 15g Item size: 18.6 * 2.8 * 0.9cm Package size: 22.5 * 5.0cm Package including: 1 * Classic

Model Number: Crow Sounder
UPC: 791755899390
SKU: 262410262
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Features: Wooden crow sounder painted by water-based environmental protection paint, and . Exquisite workmanship with colorful surface, attractive to children. Knocking or scraping by the included stick to make different sounds. An ideal musical toy for children to develop music and rhythm sense. Specifications: Material: wood Cow Sounder Size: 13 * 3.2cm / 5.1 * 1.3in Stick Size: 12.2 * 2cm / 4.8 * 0.8in Item Weight: Approx. 60g / 2.1oz (including stick) Package List: 1 * Cow Sounder 1 * Stick

Model Number: Percussion Drum
UPC: 791755873925
SKU: 300990451
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Features: 8" tambourine, with dove & bible pattern on the drumhead, great for church and other holy occasion. Clear and pure sound. Wood body with quality drumhead, smooth surface and lightweight. Features 6 pairs double metal jingle in the side. Holding the drum in one hand, then shake it rhythmically. Specifications: Material: Wood & & Metal Drumhead Diameter: 20cm / 8in Drum Thickness: 5.5cm / 2.2in Drum Weight: 180g / 6.4oz Package List: 1 * Tambourine

Model Number: Saxophone
UPC: 791755853552
SKU: 579045974
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Features: 8-hole mini pocket saxophone kit, great musical instrument and wonderful gift for birthday and festival. Made of ABS, smooth surface texture provides more comfortable holding. Beginners friendly, with finger charts to learn the basic information about how to hold and play pocket saxophone. True mini size makes it portable to hold and carry, with carrying bag to protect it from scratches. Comes with bunch of accessories: mouthpiece, ligature, backup reeds, pads and cleaning cloth. Specifications: Color: Brown / Red / Blue / Dark Green(optional) Material: ABS Dimension: 34 * 3cm / 13.39 * 1.18in Package Size: 41 * 9 * 4cm / 16.14 * 3.54 * 1.57in Package Weight: 143g / 5.04oz Packing List: 1 * Pocket Saxophone 1 * Mouthpiece 1 * Ligature 4 * Backup Reeds 8 * Pads 1 * Finger Charts 1 * Cleaning Cloth 1 * Carrying Bag

Model Number: Storage Case
UPC: 791755874984
SKU: 827371574
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Features: Made of 600D, water-resistant and durable. Two separate compartments for storing sticks, mallets, brushes, etc. Can be on the floor drum by two inside straps with hooks. With a gripped handle for convenient carrying. An ideal bag for storing and protecting drumsticks. Specifications: Material: 600D Color: Red Item Weight: 113g / 4oz Package Size: 10 * 14 * 1.5cm / 3.9 * 5.5 * 0.6oz Package Weight: 115g / 4.1oz Note: The drum set and drumsticks showed in the pictures are not included. Package List: 1 * Drum Stick Bag

Model Number: Microphone
UPC: 791755887595
SKU: 692826355
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Features: Cardioid Dynamic Microphone: The microphone features cardioid pickup pattern for better sound gain while minimizing background feedback. Compact & Handy Size: Made of premium metal, with a length of 19.5cm, the microphone is pretty handy to hold and wearable for long service life. 3-pin XLR to 3.5mm Cable for Great Compatibility: 3-pin XLR to 3.5mmcable for widely compatible with computers and various sound card. Cable Powering: The microphone can be powered by computers or sound card via cable, plug and use, simple operation. Wide Application: Ideal choice for providing excellent sound for karaoke, podcast and video streaming, natural and low noise. Specifications: Color: Black Material: Metal Polar Pattern: Omni-directional cardioid Frequency Response: 30Hz~18KHz Sensitivity: -36dB+/-2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz) Output Impedance: 250Ω+30% (at 1KHz) Payload Impedance: >=1000Ω ENL: 18dBA SPL: 135dB(at 1KHz SNR: 76dB Power Supply: Computer or sound card 5V Current: 3mA Item Size: 19.5 * 5.5 * 5.5cm / 7.68 * 2.17 * 2.17in Package Size: 21.8 * 10 * 6cm / 8.58 * 3.94 * 2.36in Package Weight: 408g / 14.39oz Packing List:  1 * Microphone 1 * 3-pin XLR to 3.5mm TRS Cable 1 * User Manual

Model Number: Tuning Peg
UPC: 791755862097
SKU: 481486555
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Features: Package comes with 6pcs guitar string locking tuners, including 3L3R. Great replacement for the old, broken tuning pegs of both electric and acoustic guitars. Keep your guitar on tune and easy to tune; also can be installed very easily for newer. Made of alloy metal, providing long durability; with heavy duty internal gear. 100% brand new and testing is fine. Specifications: Material: Alloy Metal Color: Gold/ Silver/ Black (optional) Item Size: Refer to picture for detailed size Item Weight: 38g / 1.34oz (single one) Package Size: 11 * 7.5 * 3cm / 4.33 * 2.95 * 1.18in Package Weight: 232g / 8.18oz Package List: 6 * tuning pegs 6 * ferrules 6 * mounting screws

Model Number: Ocarina
UPC: 791755881661
SKU: 933794451
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Features: 12 holes ocarina - two for the thumbs and five for each hand. Made of high-quality ceramic, sound beautiful. Includes a music score for novice. Specifications: Material: Ceramic Color: Blue Product size: 16 * 10.5 * 4.7cm / 6.3 * 4.1 * 1.8in Product weight: 216g / 7.6oz Package size: 18 * 13 * 8cm / 7.1 * 5.1 * 3.1in Package weight: 350g / 12.3oz Package List: 1 * Ocarina 1 * Music Score

Model Number: Stand
UPC: 791755894302
SKU: 231774283
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The white stand is simple and elegant to provide a support or display for your ukulele or violin, stable and tough.  Features: Made of high-quality PVC material, lightweight and sturdy. X frame will provide stability. Quick and easy assembly and disassembly, portable. Suitable for ukulele, violin, etc. Universal for 21", 23" and 26" ukulele. Specifications: Material: PVC Color: White Package Weight: 110g / 3.88ounces Package Size: 255 * 200 * 20mm / 10.04 * 7.87 * 0.79in Package List: 1 * Ukulele Stand (not included the Ukulele)  

Model Number: Sound Pickup
UPC: 791755892131
SKU: 637434434
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This is a set of fine quality guitar sound pickup, made of environment friendly plasticcement and hardware material, eco-friendly and can provides long service. Enhance the sound of your musical instruments. Suitable for all kinds of electric guitar. You can have a try. Features: Fine quality humbucker pickups set, designed to duplicate that classic warm sound yet they have slightly more output to give you a bit more crunch for the punch. Made of environment friendly plasticcement and hardware material, eco-friendly and can provides long service. Sound board sensitive, easy to get the desired sound quickly. Wide frequency response, low noise, accurately pickup sound of musical instrument. Enhance the sound of your musical instruments. Easy to install, cheap, pickup effect class! Suitable for all kinds of electric guitar. Specifications: Name: Guitar Sound Pickup Device Color: black Item weight: 320g / 11.29ounce Package size: 150 * 100 * 50mm / 5.91 * 3.94 * 1.97in Package weight: 320g / 11.29ounce Package list: 2 * Sound Pickup 2 * Connection Cable 1 * Cell Cable 1 * Cell Box 1 * 9V Cell 1 * Interface 1 * Set of Screws

Model Number: Pickguard
UPC: 791755851138
SKU: 730667697
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Features:  5 holes in the side of pickguard, suitable for TL guitar. 3 ply panels produce clearer and brighter sounds. Made from high-quality PVC material, protecting your guitar from scratching. Exquisite workmanship, outstanding and stylish appearance. There is one layer thin protective film on the front surface of the pickguard to causing damage during shipping.   Specifications: Material: PVC Color: Black, white, mint green, cream, white pearl, black pearl, brown tortoise shell (optional) Pickguard Size: 22 * 19 * 0.3cm/ 8.07 * 7.48 * 0.1inch Package Weight: 86g/ 3.03oz Note: You can peel off the thin protective film on the front surface of the pickguard after installation. Package List: 1 * Pickguard

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