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Model Number: String Winder
UPC: 791738479892
SKU: 577659871
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Features: String peg winder, can also be used as a pin remove tool. Detachable head design, can be used with electric winder for quick and easy performance. PC material, lightweight, durable and -broken Suitable for loosening and tightening strings of acoustic/ electric guitars or bass. A great assistant tool for luthiers or guitar players. Specifications: Material: PC Item Weight: 19.5g / 0.7oz Package List: 1 * String Winder

Model Number: Mouthpiece Pad
UPC: 791738463266
SKU: 563884046
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Features: Includes 8 pieces of mouthpiece patch. 0.3mm in thickness. Protect mouthpiece and players' . Fit for alto or tenor saxophone. Specification: Thickness: 0.3mm Color: Black Package size: 17 * 9 * 0.1cm / 6.7 * 3.5 * 0.03in Package weight: 11g / 0.4oz Note: The sax showed on the photo is not included. Package List: 8 * Mouthpiece Patches

Model Number: Tape
UPC: 791755843294
SKU: 276309563
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Features: High-quality guitar pedal mounting tapes (1 hook + 1 loop). Both are 2m in length and 3cm in width. With strong adhesive ability glue on the back. Can Keep your guitar pedals on the pedal board firmly. Also suitable for fastening other things in daily life. Specifications: Color: Black Length: 2m / 78.7in Width: 3cm / 1.2in Package Weight: 75g / 2.6oz Note: The pedal board and effect pedals showed in the pictures are not included. Mounting surfaces be free of grease, dirt, loose particles, and moisture. Mounting surfaces be smooth, even and stable. Please the surfaces before fastening the . Package List: 2 * Tapes

Model Number: Connection Cable
UPC: 791738464454
SKU: 977733938
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Features: Low noise, high fidelity and good -interference ability audio cable. 1/4 inch (6.35mm) to 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TS straight plugs, 1M/3.3ftlong. Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) core of conductor and shielding material guarantee stable signal transmission. Black soft PVC jacket, durable and -wear, not easy to intertwine. Suitable for connecting your electric guitar, bass or keyboard to amplifier. Specifications: Color: Black Length: Approx. 1M/3.3ft Plug: 1/4 inch TS Item Weight: 55g/ 1.9oz Package List: 1 * Audio Cable

Model Number: Reed
UPC: 791755874717
SKU: 452139125
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Features: Suitable for alto saxophone. Strength 2.5, durable and not easy to deform. ABS reeds, with careful polishing grinding, looks more elegant and exquisite. Good sound quality for your saxophone, comfortable using feeling. Specifications: Material: ABS Color: Black Item Weight: 2g / 0.1oz Package Size: 9 * 7.1 * 0.3cm / 3.5 * 2.8 * 0.1in Package Weight: 4g / 0.1oz Package List: 1 * Reed Note: The item only includes 1 reed, the Saxophone and mouthpiece not included.

Model Number: Audio Cable
UPC: 791738459894
SKU: 218604881
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Features: Qualified PVC, good softness. XLR to 6.35mm, Female to Male. Inside aluminum foil shielding layer to reduce interference, for a better fidelity effect. Suitable for mic, mixer, amplifier, sound card,etc. Specifications: Color: Black Material: PVC Type: XLR to 6.35mm, Female to Male Cable length: Approx. 1m / 3ft Item weight: Approx. 93g / 3.3oz Package size: 19 * 14 * 2cm / 7.5 * 5.5 * 0.8in Package weight: 99g / 3.5oz Package List: 1 * Audio Cable

Model Number: Bass Nut
UPC: 791738466267
SKU: 860582499
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The nut is made of cow bone, large density, suitable for 4-string electric bass to help provide better tone. Features: A replacement bone nut. Portable and easy use. Four string slots on it. Made of natural bone, can provide better tone than cheaper parts. Compatible with 4-string electric bass. Specifications: Material: Cow bone Color: White Nut Size: 38 * 5 * 3.5mm / 1.5 * 0.2 * 0.14in Package Weight: 1g / 0.04ounces Package Size: 100 * 70 * 10mm / 3.94 * 2.76 * 0.39in Packing List: 1 * Nut

Model Number: Audio Cable
UPC: 791755881890
SKU: 251932702
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Features: Splits 1 to 6 power outputs, connect up to 6 effects to the power supply. Made of copper wire, good durability. Light weight and compact, easy to carry. A good accessory for guitar players. Specification: Color: Black Max.current: 3000mA Product weight: 56g / 2oz Package size: 25 * 9 * 1cm / 9.8 * 3.5 * 0.4in Package weight: 61g / 2.2oz Package List: 1 * Cable

Model Number: Ukulele Bridge
UPC: 791738474859
SKU: 548229047
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Features: and the testing is fine. Fit for 4-string ukulele instruments. The saddle is easy to file for height adjustment. Simple to install, nice replacement for your ukulele. 100% brand new, you can use them to DIY your ukulele. Specifications: Material: rosewood (), (saddle&nut) Color: as picture shown Size: appr. 11 * 2.5cm / 4.33 * 0.98in Nut Size: 5.3 * 0.6cm / 2.09 * 0.24in Saddle Size: 3.6 * 0.7cm / 1.42 * 0.28in String Spacing Width: 1.4cm / 0.28in Package Size: 12.7 * 5 * 1.5cm / 5 * 1.97 * 0.59in Package Weight: 14g / 0.49oz Package List: 1 * 1 * Saddle 1 * Nut

Model Number: Bow Hair
UPC: 791738482779
SKU: 626155497
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Features: One hank horsehair for 4/4 violin bow. In natural white color, unbleached. About 73cm/ 28.7in long. One end is bound already for convenient mounting. Ideal replacement for your old bow hair. Specifications: Color: Natural White Fit: 4/4 Violin Bow Material: Horsehair Length: 73cm/ 28.7in Note: The violin bow showed in the picture is not included. Package List: 1 * Bank Horsehair

Model Number: Finger Cap
UPC: 791755890618
SKU: 959727432
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Features: Silicone kalimba fingertip protectors, designed to relieve your fingertips from pain, especially suitable for beginners in playing. Multi-hole design for ventilating, also there is a hole saved for nails. Made of silicone, soft feeling and more comfortable to enjoy the pleasure of playing. L size is suitable for thumbs, release your playing fatigue. Suitable for musical instrument playing, mainly for kalimba playing. Specifications: Color: Green Material: Silicone Item Size: 2.7 * 2.3cm / 1.06 * 0.91in(Single) Item Weight: 3g / 0.1oz(2pcs) Package Size: 10 * 7 * 1.7cm / 3.94 * 2.76 * 0.67in Package Weight: 4g / 0.14oz Package List: 2 * Fingertip Protectors

Model Number: Wrench
UPC: 791738449130
SKU: 556493349
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Features: Mini screwdriver for adjusting violin chin rest shaft. Metal material with painted surface, durable and -rust. Special bend design based on level principle, more easy to use. With a hole for you to it with a twine. A great tool for violin and maintenance. Specifications: Color: Black/ Grey(optional) Material: Metal Item Length: 6.5cm / 2.6in Item Weight: 18g / 6.6oz Note: The violin showed in the pictures is not included. Package List: 1 * Screwdriver