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Model Number: B2
UPC: 809312080331
SKU: 21475703
$44.99 $65.19
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Model Number: BRW2
UPC: 809312080669
SKU: 42761918
$59.99 $65.98
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GP Percussion BRW2 Professional Series Birch Wood Tunable Bongos lets you play to your heart's content with style. 6-Inch and 7-Inch drums features Birch shells and natural hide heads. 4 Tunable lugs per drum with tuning wrench included. Nickel-plated rim and cast base rim. Highlights the wood's grain. Protective rubber feet. High-Gloss deep brown stained finish.

Model Number:
UPC: 799198025390
SKU: 101463358
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GP Percussion SK22 Complete Student Snare Drum Kit

Model Number:
UPC: 103020700001
SKU: 330102335
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The Gp Percussion 11021B Folding Bongo Drum Stand From Gp Percussion Features Heavy-Duty, Double-Braced Legs. Mounting Head Holds Most Bongo Drum Styles As Well As A Percussion Cow Bell. Adjustable Height And Head Angle. Height Range 29-46 Inches.SKU:ADIB003YCUGJ6

Model Number: GP55BK
UPC: 660181150682
SKU: 21475683
$165.00 $195.12
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GP55BK GP Percussion 5-Piece Junior Drum Set (Black)This GP Percussion 5-Piece Junior Drum Set with Cymbals and Throne has everything your little one needs to start playing the drums. The GP Percussion Drum Set in Metallic Black is reduced in size without being reduced in quality. This 5-Piece Junior Drum Set features clear GP logo drum heads and GP logo cymbals. It comes with 8" and 10" ride toms, a 12" floor tom, a 16" bass drum and a 10" snare. Also included in the MBlack GP Percussion Drum Set are a 9.5" cymbal and an 8" hi hat cymbal. A bass drum pedal, drum sticks and a drum key for tightening all come with this great 5-Piece Junior Drum Set. When your little musician is ready to get serious with a great kit, the GP Percussion Junior Drum Set is just right for big sound. GP Percussion 5-Piece Junior Drum Set, Black: Everything needed to start playing the drums Clear GP logo drum heads GP logo cymbals Set includes: Cymbal and throne 8" and 10" ride toms - 4 lug 12" floor tom - 4 lug 16" bass drum - 4 lug 10" snare - 4 lug 9.5" cymbal 8" hi hat cymbals Bass drum pedal Drum sticks Drum key Assembly required Dimensions: 36"W x 30"H x 48"D Weight: 48.46 lbs

Model Number: CBS1018
UPC: 809312090316
SKU: 42737419
$57.44 $90.99
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The CBS1018 GP Percussion Professional Boom Arm Combo Cymbal Stand was made for rocking out while looking, and feeling professional. Double braced legs. Thickness: 3.25mm. Max Height: 52-inches without Boom Arm. Boom Arm: 20-inches. Cymbal angle: 225-degrees. Boom Arm Angle: 360-degrees. Rubber handle for easy boom arm operation. Rubber foot pads. Nickel plated finish.

Model Number: HS1018
UPC: 809312090170
SKU: 169097571
$42.25 $55.88
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Play your heart out on the GP Percussion HS1018 Hi-Hat Stand from the Professional Series. Rock out and look professional knowing stability was in mind with this creation. Heavy-duty double braced legs. Maximum height of 42-inches. Component thickness of 3.25mm. Reinforced foot pedal. Larger rubber foot pads for extra stability. Nickel plated finish.

Model Number: DP778TN
UPC: 809312090118
SKU: 12080288
$94.99 $131.88
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The GP Percussion Pro-Quality Double Bass Drum Pedal features chain drives and multiple-style beaters. It contains mostly cast parts, including the base and pedal for durability and stability. Both of the beaters of this double bass pedal can also be used on a single pedal for heavier hitting and a more resonant sound. It has a linkage that adjusts from 15" to 22.5" to suit a variety of bass drum setups comfortably. This double drum pedal is a good option if you're thinking of expanding your set to include a secondary bass drum. It is also excellent if you need a replacement or backup drum pedal.

Model Number: SK22
UPC: 809312080348
SKU: 12080305
$119.99 $155.99
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SK22 GP Percussion Snare Drum Student KitThe GP Percussion Snare Drum Student Kit is an excellent introduction into the world of drumming. It is designed for students who wish to try their hand at percussion and offers everything you need for learning about the basics. Even if you are not interested in learning to play a drum set, this GP Percussion snare drum kit is an excellent way to work on your rhythm and time keeping abilities. Its double-braced stand design provides an extra element of stability and helps to prevent accidental collapse of the instrument. Each student snare drum kit practice pad includes a pair of drumsticks, a drum key to adjust the tightness of the head, along with a convenient bag to keep all the parts grouped together when not in use. GP Percussion SK22 Complete Student Snare Drum Kit: 10-lug, 5.5" x 14" snare drum Double-braced stand provides extra support and helps to prevent collapse Includes a convenient bag to hold all the parts together when not in use Drum key allows you to adjust the amount of stretch across the drum head Practice pad is ideal for learning hand skills, rhythm, time signatures and more Student snare drum kit includes a pair of drumsticks

Model Number:
SKU: 557533281
$65.29 $83.57
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Heavy-Duty, double braced legsAdjustable height and head angleMounting head holds most bongo drum styles as well as a Percussion Cow BellHeight range 29-46 inches

Model Number: CBS208
UPC: 809312090156
SKU: 197723379
$57.44 $84.49
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The CBS208 GP Percussion Professional Series Boom Arm Cymbal Stand was made for rocking out while looking, and feeling professional. Double braced legs. Component thickness of 3.25mm. Max Height: 46-inch without boom arm. Cymbal angle: 225-degrees. Boom Arm: 18.5-inch. Boom Arm Angle: 360-degrees. Boom Joint: Height adjustable from 41-inch to 46.5-inch high. Boom Length: Length adjustable from 6-inch to 22-inch. Rubber foot pads. Nickel plated finish.

Model Number: GP50BL
UPC: 809312080171
SKU: 10975354
$125.00 $157.11
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GP50BL GP Percussion 3 Piece Junior Drum Set (Blue)This GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set will make an ideal present for your son. It is almost the replica of a traditional drum set, but built at a smaller scale, allowing your young talent musician to develop his drumming skills effectively. It is a 3-piece junior drum set that includes the stands, cymbals, and drumsticks. It is an ideal accessory for junior players to practice and get their hands and leg coordination correct for playing the drums. Available in a blue color, the junior drum set with cymbals also includes the junior drummer's throne where your child can sit and practice his skills with pride along with a hi-hat for added fun. The blue junior drum set will require some assembly upon delivery. GP Percussion GP50MRB Complete Junior Drum Set: Includes stands, cymbals, throne and drumsticks Black ported drum head on 16" x 11" bass drum (6-lug) 10" x 6" tom-tom (5-lug) with holder 10" x 5" snare (5-lug) with stand 10" cymbal with holder Junior Hi-Hat Cymbal with stand Bass drum pedal Junior Drummer's Throne Drum key Drum sticks Assembly required Overall dimensions: 36" long x 36" wide x 36" high Weight: 34 lbs.