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Model Number: DP-3
UPC: 859974004138
SKU: 749760640
$699.00 $873.75
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Model Number: A-10
UPC: 859974004268
SKU: 985982199
$621.65 $909.99
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The Artesia A-10 Plus Digital Piano offers not only stylish and elegant design but also beautiful expressive sound quality and performance features that include the new Natural Balanced Hammer Action performance keybed. Plus the 3 layer grand piano sound samples and 3D instrument samples that make it ready for stage, studio and home.

Model Number: XKEY 37
SKU: 48615648
$199.00 $259.99
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Go where the music takes you. Meet the ultimate MIDI mobile keyboard. Featuring an ultra-slim lightweight design, the XKey is made for creation wherever inspiration strikes you. From the studio to your living room and everywhere in between; this keyboard brings professional performance anywhere. Simply plug Xkey into your device and play with the best apps. Xkey is a fully compliant, USB MIDI controller. The Xkey sets you free

Model Number: DP-2
UPC: 859479007429
SKU: 511630408
$623.99 $839.99
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Artesia DP-2 Series 88 Weighted Keys Traditional Console Digital Piano with Matching BenchThe Artesia DP-2 Digital Piano is a stylish, traditional furniture piece that enhances your home, not only with its deep expressive sound, but also with its appealing traditional piano cabinet.Dark Rosewood Matte Finish CabinetThe piano cabinet features a beautiful dark rosewood finish with clean lines that will compliment any room décor. The addition of the matching furniture bench with storage adds to the complete home piano package and keeps your sheet music and books neatly stored.KeyboardThe weighted hammer action and velocity sensitive keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic piano to your fingertips. Its advanced, natural acoustic balanced hammer action design offers dynamic response and smooth playability plus five different velocity touch settings to satisfy every style of practice or performance. Incredible SoundThe DP-2 offers 3 layer sampling with its acoustic Supra Sound sound instrument sample processing. We record the actual acoustic instrument capturing its depth, expression and essence of the instrument itself. Instruments such as Grand Piano, EPiano, Harp, Vibes, NGuitar, Organ, Strings and Bass are included.ConnectivityThe DP-2 has many connection and interface possibilities to ensure that your piano will never be out of date. The convenient USB to Host and MIDI Port allow it to be connected to laptops, tablets and smartphones. Thereby offer amazing options for adding additional instrument voices, multi-track recording, fantastic piano teaching apps and so much more. Key FeaturesTraditional home piano cabinet3 layer dynamic sound samplesNatural hammer action keybedMatching rosewood bench with storageUSB and midi port connections for tablet, laptops or mobile phonePlay along music teacher4 speaker sound delivery system with aux in and line outDual headphone connection for duet and teacher/student playing

Model Number: Performer
UPC: 859479007481
SKU: 754919480
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The new Performer Piano is a sleek and stylish mobile 88-key piano that offers deeply expressive robust sound with its onboard 4 speaker sound delivery system, and weighs only 19 lbs for easy transportation. It works on batteries or the power supply that is included.

Model Number:
UPC: 859479007702
SKU: 926690276
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The compact HD-7 Sonic Drum Kit from Hitman is a portable elctronic drum well suited for beginners that are looking for a space saving setup. The kit includes three velocity-sensitive tom pads, a ride cymbal, a crash cymbal with choke, a dual-zone snare, a bass drum trigger, and a hi-hat pad. Additionally, the kit includes a kick drum pedal, a hi-hat control pedal, and a lightweight frame with a wiring harness kit. The drum module features customizable drum kits, 349 drum instruments, and 30 preset song styles to play along with. The module allows you to record your performance for later review and comes with Melodics, which is a desktop app that adapts to your abilities and musical tastes to help make your drum practice FUN! The module can also be connected to a computer for MIDI recording and playback of performances with your favorite software. The stereo auxiliary input allows you to play along with your favorite tunes, while a headphone output is provided for private sessions. The HD-7 kit ships with a pair of headphones, drum key, USB cable, drum sticks, drum throne and a power adapter.

Model Number: ARB-4
UPC: 745150755287
SKU: 528147904
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The Laptop Studio Bundle from Artesia is a kit that allows the user to start making music right away on a Mac/Windows and Ubuntu computers. Everything you need to turn your computer into a full-fledged home studio! The ARB-4 Laptop Studio Recording Bundle includes all connecting cables and everything needed to start recording right out of the box, including the A22XT USB Audio Interface, the AMC-10 Condenser Microphone, and the AMH-11 Headphones. A22XT USB Audiobox Interface lets you record high-resolution 24 bit 96KHz audio to your laptop and other USB devices. The Artesia A22XT is a professional 24-bit audio interface, offering maximum flexibility as a fully bus powered USB device with pristine audio quality. AMC-10 Cardioid Condenser Microphone can handle audio that is both very quiet and sensitive. AMH-11 Studio Monitor Headphones are recommended for mixing, studio monitoring and anywhere that acute listening may be required. Bitwig 8 Track + Arturia Analog Lab comes with lifetime access to Bitwig 8 Track digital audio workstation AND Arturia Analog Lab. It comes with an extra Pop filter.Box ContainsArtesia ARB-4 Laptop Studio Recording BundleArtesia A22XT Audio BoxArtesia AMC-10 Condenser MicrophoneArtesia AMH-11 Studio Monitor HeadphonesBitwig 8-trackArturia Analog labPop FilterOne wind screen shield

Model Number: Xkey AIR 37 Bluetooth MIDI Controller 37-note Keyboard
SKU: 151082794
$299.00 $349.99
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The Xkey Air 37 is a 37-Key ultra slim Bluetooth and USB controller. It has the same professional features as the original Xkey with the added capability of connection via low latency Bluetooth. While completely wireless the Xkey Air will give more than 10 hours of battery life.

Model Number: A-61
UPC: 859479007528
SKU: 789687420
$190.02 $235.75
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Extraordinary tone in a sleek design - the Artesia A-61 is perfect for entry level piano players to learn on and enjoy. This sleek, elegant design of the Artesia A-61 is both eye-catching and practical for players in their beginning stages. It is equipped with 61 touch sensitive, semi-weighted, full-size keys in a lightweight, space saving design. Weighing just under 13 lbs., it is the perfect setup for piano mobility. The functional design with only a few buttons allows users to easily choose from one of the onboard sound samples and start playing within seconds! The power adapter is included, so simply connect your piano and begin playing right out of the box with zero setup. The A-61 is MIDI compatible and can be connected to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. See for yourself why the Artesia A-61 digital piano is the top choice for piano teachers and hobbyists, alike.

Model Number: PE-88
UPC: 859479007535
SKU: 555761391
$382.99 $418.60
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The Artesia PE-88 portable arranger keyboard is fully loaded and packed with numerous features in a sleek, lightweight design that is a great value for everything included! The 88 touch sensitive, full-sized, spring action keys have a dynamic response that makes it feel as if you're playing an acoustic piano. With over 130 sounds and instrument voices, as well as a built-in pitch blend, your musical creativity will thrive when using the PE-88. Record your ideas with the onboard 2-track recorder. The PE-88 is even compact and light enough to take with you on-the-go! Whether you're on stage or in the studio, see why the fully loaded PE-88 portable arranger is the trusted choice for producers and touring professionals alike.

Model Number: ARTESIA_AMC-20_NM
UPC: 859479007436
SKU: 623334952
$119.00 $156.73
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Professional studio sound quality with the Artesia AMC-20 Studio Condenser MicThe versatile AMC-20 is a true workhorse in the studio. It can literally capture virtually any sound source. Whether recording loud sources such as a drum or keyboard or guitar cabinet, you can enjoy clear sounding tracks with distortion free recording. Its exacting electronic components produce the sweet highs, smooth mids and robust lows. Its large diaphragm and cardioid polar pickup pattern produces a high output sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic range. The AMC-20 is an affordable studio microphone for not only for sensitive vocal and strings but also guitars, brass, drums and more.AMC-20s amazing versatility offers Studio OptionsThe AMC-20 is set from the factory to operate with 48 Volt phantom power use, but it also has the ability to operate at a 5 Volt level for Desktop and Laptop computers. It includes a standard XLR to XLR cable for normal studio use and also a second cable, an XLR to 3.5mm jack output. In either format you can expect superlative results for all your recording needs.Unique, pure Aluminum plated microphone capsuleLarge-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with modern sonic signature to ensure incredibly accurate and transparent soundTransparent sound with superb highs, lows and mids, and detailed harmonic contentStudio workhorse, excellent for vocals, strings, guitars, brass, drums and moreNickel plated shock mounts and integrated pop filter

Model Number: Xkey 25 Air
SKU: 149272490
$199.99 $259.99
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The Xkey Air 25 is a 25-Key ultra slim Bluetooth and USB controller. It has the same professional features as the original Xkey with the added capability of connection via low latency Bluetooth. While completely wireless, the Xkey Air will give more than 10 hours of battery life