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UPC: 846692657913
SKU: 750646204
$29.99 $75.00
179 reviews
iTouch Slim will surely increase your love for fitness. The interchangeable straps mix fashion and technology into one great device, as multi-sports mode allows users to engage in various activities with an accurate record. By incorporating waterproof technology, you can now track aquatic activities as well. Interactive light response and reminder features not only assist with fitness, but also help you to remember other daily responsibilities.

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UPC: 194866105945
SKU: 211161246
$39.99 $75.00
230 reviews
The LOL Surprise! O.M.G. PlayZoom kids smartwatch collection features your child's favorite LOL Surprise! Collectible Dolls, exclusively at Walmart! These tech watches not only feature characters and designs your children will love, but make excellent tools for parents wanting to ensure their kids are staying active and fit! This smartwatch can keep your child entertained all day with gaming features, a swivel camera, and sound animations. Little ones now have the availability to view an array of different watch screens, wallpapers, and icons of their LOL Surprise Dolls. This watch is going to be a big hit for your child's next gift!

Model Number: WM2742RG752-BLW
UPC: 846692268423
SKU: 613914398
$24.89 $29.99
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iFITNESS - Activity tracker watch set , rose gold case, blush and merlot silicone rubber straps, 20(W) x 18(H) x 3(D) mm

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UPC: 194866150082
SKU: 231072719
$59.99 $95.00
233 reviews
The iTouch Air 3 is the perfect addition to your on-the-go lifestyle! By combining the most popular aspects of our best-selling iTouch Air models, with new and improved technology, the iTouch Air 3 will not dissapoint. The iTouch Air 3 is commited to keeping you on-top of your health by continuously monitoring your heart rate 24 hours a day, reminding you to hydrate, and suggesting breathing exercises when appropriate. The iTouch Air 3 is also commited to tracking your activity through its workout mode designed for running, eliptical training, cycling, and hiking and its multi-sports mode designed for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. Worrying about battery life becomes a thing of the past with the iTouch Air 3 as this model features an extended battery life and a revolutionary power saving mode. Plus, the cuvrved screen technology coupled with a full touch screen input and vibrant animated color scheme makes using this smartwatch a breeze!

Model Number:
UPC: 194866148850
SKU: 735775953
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Get the best of both worlds with the iTouch Connected! The luxe style of the iTouch Connected allows you enjoy the benefits of a smartwatch, without skimping on style. The iTouch Connected features the essential functions of a smartwatch, including a distance tracker, a blood oxygen monitor, a heart rate monitor, and a calorie tracker. Its one-touch input also ensures ease of use while keeping a streamlined design.

Model Number:
UPC: 194866148423
SKU: 824591403
$39.99 $99.00
98 reviews
Reward your little superhero with The Batman PlayZoom Kids Smartwatch with Headphones. This exclusive combo set is not only a fun gift for your child, but it also has a number of unbeatable educational components. This combo set comes with our best-selling PlayZoom Kids Smartwatch which features a swivel camera, customizable clock faces, 30 learning and active games, 20 tunes to explore, and so much more! Simply plug in the included headphone set into the jack located on the watch so your child can listen to their favorite lullabies, melodies, bed-time stories, and songs. Plus the PlayZoom doesn't connect to a cellular device and comes with an In Case of Emergency (ICE) Card on the watch, so it's free of GPS tracking and completely safe!

Model Number: WM2849GN742-NVR
UPC: 846692268485
SKU: 635774839
$29.99 $65.00
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iFITNESS - Activity tracker watch set , gun case, navy and red silicone rubber straps, 20(W) x 18(H) x 3(D) mm

Model Number:
UPC: 846692360448
SKU: 713698009
$59.99 $95.00
59 reviews
With so many features to choose from this smart watch is multi-functional for daily wear. iTouch Air 2 is your friendly smart watch, showcasing a Square touch screen dial with a Silicone Strap for added comfort. It connects via Bluetooth to any device carrying Android v. 4.0 and up, and iOS 7.2 and up.

Model Number:
UPC: 194866150730
SKU: 240762575
$59.99 $95.00
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The iTouch Sport is the perfect addition to your active lifestyle. From your daily needs to your workout, the iTouch Sport has you covered. The iTouch Sport is equipped with a countdown clock, activity minute counter, and hygiene assistant to ensure you never miss a beat. Plus, it features a workout mode and a multi-sport mode to ensure that it will keep up with you during any activity you choose to dominate. The iTouch Sport is designed to always have your health in-mind as it continuously monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day and alerts you if its elevated. It also monitors your body-temperature, suggests breathing exercises, and reminds you to hydrate throughout the day. Its full touch screen input coupled with its vibrant animated color scheme makes using this smartwatch a breeze. Not to mention, its round case provides a sleek, yet unique style that is reminiscent of a traditional watch. And, thanks to the extended battery life and power saving mode, a low battery will never slow you down!

Model Number: WM2881RG752-MWH
UPC: 846692268546
SKU: 223703106
$29.99 $65.00
3 reviews
iFITNESS - Activity tracker watch set , rose gold case, mint and white silicone rubber straps, 20(W) x 18(H) x 3(D) mm

Model Number: WM2436S752-FBK
UPC: 846692268393
SKU: 831604489
$29.99 $65.00
1 reviews
iFITNESS - Activity tracker watch set, silver case, fuchsia, and black silicone rubber straps, 20(W) x 18(H) x 3(D) mm

Model Number: WM2886RG752-WPU
UPC: 846692268621
SKU: 751583893
$29.99 $65.00
1 reviews
iFITNESS - Activity tracker watch set , rose gold case, white print and black berry cordial silicone rubber straps, 20(W) x 18(H) x 3(D) mm