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Model Number: PFS-12-3378S-LPG-AZ
UPC: 640626762311
SKU: 587418633
$16.99 $46.99
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BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - These Earrings have a silver or gold plated border, perfectly complimenting the set stone. They're the ideal way to add a pop of color to the outfit of anybody with pierced ears. Perk up your accessories for the warmer months with a pair of turquoise stud earrings. These gorgeous Synthetic Blue Lapis Lazuli studs are nestled in gold plated 925 sterling silver.

Model Number: PFS-N33-1318-SH-AZ
UPC: 643906562915
SKU: 643410848
$29.99 $65.99
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Get ready to receive compliments left and right when you wear our Italian white horn pendant necklace. This stunning White Shell Horn Necklace in sterling silver can be worn alone or in layers for a unique look. These silver necklaces also make wonderful gifts. This pendant necklace comes with a 16in chain with a 2in extender.

Model Number: CB-NC11891-1-AZ
UPC: 640626619950
SKU: 197627407
$22.99 $46.99
3 reviews
It is easy to fall in love with our newest, Lapis lazuli bead necklace. The intense colors and the subtle tonal variations of the 10mm beads, make this a gorgeous gemstone hand knotted bead necklace that will add a bit of sophisticated flair to your look, day or night. Classic blue bead necklaces belong in every fashionable womens collection of trendy accessories. In Egyptian culture, Lapis Lazuli jewelry was thought to symbolize truth and to enhance the bonds of friendship. Buy one of our gorgeous and affordable toggle necklaces for a friend who loves the color blue, before you complete your check out and give her a gift she will love. Gem jewelry adds an elegant and colorful touch to every outfit.

Model Number: DT-LE1323-T-AZ
UPC: 640626629157
SKU: 47346434
$12.99 $28.99
8 reviews
Add a pop of color to your everyday look. stabilized turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. stabilized turquoise is a stone that has been prized for many years. The ancient Egyptians used it in jewelry. Our stabilized turquoise dangle earrings are simple and lovely. They make a perfect gift of December birthstone jewelry for a woman or teenager with pierced ears who likes to wear delicate jewelry. If your favorite color is blue or if you have blue eyes, our sterling silver stabilized turquoise earrings should be on your gift list. Buy them for yourself or for a friend this holiday season.

Model Number: SGD-4641-11-AZ
UPC: 640626701747
SKU: 156414517
$16.99 $39.08
9 reviews
Eagles are considered spiritual messengers between gods and humans in some cultures. Our powerful American eagle looks as if has just landed on top of our Simulated Onyx ring. The band is rendered beautifully in a stainless steel with side design that resembles the feathered wing of an eagle. This is one of our affordable mens rings that will make a perfect choice as a gift for veterans of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard. It is as American as apple pie and a very stylish way to honor our brave soldiers. Add to his collection of fashionable stainless steel jewelry with one of our Simulated Onyx rings for men and give him a gift to treasure and wear proudly.

Model Number: YP-MAL-STUD-8mm-AZ
UPC: 640626736237
SKU: 47346253
$9.99 $28.99
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Thrilling fire and energy are these 8mm stud earrings. This mystical natural carnelian stone and Silver Plated stud earrings 8mm are a must have item of ethereal beauty and exotic coloring for every fine jewelry collection. Carnelian is found only in India and parts of South America. Spellbinding and unforgettably dynamic, these 8mm stud earrings add an effervescent touch of fire to every outfit. These poignant carnelian stud earrings 8mm are said to radiate energy, soothe the temper and even ward off poverty. You simply cannot go wrong with this pair of beautifully meaningful carnelian 8mm stud Silver Plated brass earrings. A poignant gift of natural beauty with enduring benefits, these exquisite small stud earrings 8mm are perfect for every one with pierced ears.

Model Number: CB-BJ0076-MAL-AZ
UPC: 640626767613
SKU: 824678039
$12.99 $28.99
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Show off your passion for the color dark green when you wear our synthetic Malachite beads bracelet. Our stretchable stone bead bracelets are a sensational way to infuse the perfect pop of color into your look and are becoming an essential accessory for fashionable women to wear. Wrap your wrist in a vibrant color and enjoy the bold trend. At this very affordable price, you may want to order more than one for yourself and stack them. Makes a sensational choice to give as a gift. Order yours today.

Model Number: WJ-SWE7762-LAP-AZ
UPC: 643906547509
SKU: 423821549
$29.99 $59.99
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Blue Lapis jewelry always seems to be in style and has a classic appeal for women of all ages. A new pair of clip on earrings is a perfect choice to take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town. Measuring approximately 12MM in length, our beautifully colored oval shaped blue Lapis stone has a stunning look. It is set bezel style with a clip on Clip that is made of 925 sterling silver with gold Plating and alloy clip for strength. Around the edge of the stone is a subtle rope design that truly enhances its look.

Model Number: CB-BJ0518-BR-AZ
UPC: 643906587994
SKU: 52564059
$9.99 $32.99
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Deck out your wrist in style with a new black onyx chakra bracelet. With a gunmetal plated lion charm front and center, this prayer bracelet has a unique look. Channel inner peace with this black beads bracelet on. A prayer beads bracelet is a thoughtful gift of spiritual jewelry for friends who need some serenity in their lives.

Model Number: PMR-E20136-TQ-AZ
UPC: 640626691598
SKU: 47904540
$34.99 $46.99
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A perfect accent for any occasion, our stabilized turquoise Celtic knot triquetra dangle earrings are a must have item for your jewelry box. Crafted entirely in 925 sterling silver and boasting a stunning oval stabilized turquoise gemstone that rests the bottom of the Triquetra design, our Celtic dangle earrings will lend a very pretty look to any ensemble. Express your individuality and take pride in your Irish heritage with these sterling silver Trinity knot earrings on. Our stylish love knot dangle earrings shows off a traditional Celtic symbol as well as a beautiful pop of color from the stabilized turquoise gemstone. These sterling silver dangle earrings are highly polished and shiny. The three interlocked loops represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The simple iconic design and shining look of this Irish jewelry makes it great for all chic ladies. Even if you are not Irish, these sterling silver trinity stud earrings will help you to make a chic fashion statement for any occasion.

Model Number: CB-BJ0519-BR-AZ
UPC: 643906588007
SKU: 52564058
$12.99 $32.99
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Our Hamsa hand stretch bracelet makes it easy to adorn yourself with positive energy. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. Is a protective sign that brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The Hamsa hand also called hamesh, Hamsa, hamsa, and hamsa. Made with 10mm tiger eye beads, new jade serpentine beads and gold plated spacer Rondell beads, your free spirited style will shine bright wearing this yoga bracelet. This is one of those beaded chakra bracelets that bring out good vibes in everyone.

Model Number: CB-BR12269RR-AZ
UPC: 640626618892
SKU: 47343218
$20.99 $46.99
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Beaded bracelets bring a simple and elegant beauty to your wardrobe. Our vast collection of Shamballa inspired bracelets in numerous styles offers up something for everyone. This macramé bracelet is a dark beauty. It features two types of crystal beads. One is a crystal encrusted ball in black and the other is a faceted high shine Onyx black crystal bead. These two beads come together on this black macramé bracelet inspired by Shamballa Jewels to make it an unforgettable piece. It has a subtle reflective shine. The part of the strand that is adjustable features two strings with a faceted black bead on each end. Unlike some cheap bead bracelets, our pieces are made using high quality gemstones and Austrian crystals. High class, high quality, but no high price. Shamballa inspired designs derive their inspiration from the original jewelry designs of Mads Kornerup, who founded Shamballa Jewels ApS, which owns the trademark Shamballa. For more information go to the authentic Shamballa Jewels products.