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Model Number: PMR-521528MAL-AZ
UPC: 640626691093
SKU: 47341337
$12.99 $46.99
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These amazing gemstone Garnet earrings are the perfect January birthstone gift. Made from .925 sterling silver these stud earrings feature an intricate Bali Style design surrounding a bezel set Garnet gemstone. Post with friction backing give you a secure yet comfortable fit. Bali Style Birthstone earrings are the rage this season. These Bali Style studs are a great way to show some zodiac pride. So this January why not let the world know you are a Capricorn and proud with some breathtaking Garnet. Wearing your birthstone jewelry is a sure way to get the planets to align in your favor, especially in matters of the heart. Look good and make a personal statement with birthstone earrings.

Model Number: YP-MAL-STUD-8mm-AZ
UPC: 640626736237
SKU: 47346253
$9.99 $28.99
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Thrilling fire and energy are these 8mm stud earrings. This mystical natural carnelian stone and Silver Plated stud earrings 8mm are a must have item of ethereal beauty and exotic coloring for every fine jewelry collection. Carnelian is found only in India and parts of South America. Spellbinding and unforgettably dynamic, these 8mm stud earrings add an effervescent touch of fire to every outfit. These poignant carnelian stud earrings 8mm are said to radiate energy, soothe the temper and even ward off poverty. You simply cannot go wrong with this pair of beautifully meaningful carnelian 8mm stud Silver Plated brass earrings. A poignant gift of natural beauty with enduring benefits, these exquisite small stud earrings 8mm are perfect for every one with pierced ears.

Model Number: VF-288Ci-AZ
UPC: 640626725040
SKU: 47342211
$12.99 $50.99
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Looking for a very special gift then birthstone studs are for you. Give the little bundle of joy her very first pair of birthstone earrings. Each earring features a 4mm birthstone set in a sterling silver flower, and weight next to nothing for sensitive earlobes. The silver is oxidized so you know she will be enjoying her birthstone earrings for a long time without tarnish. Celebrate February birthstone with a stunning Amethyst, and give her something she will treasure for the rest of her life. Amethyst studs make a great gift for Aquarius young and old.

Model Number: CB-ER20883-RQ-AZ
UPC: 640626767873
SKU: 730477769
$14.99 $32.99
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A new piece of dragon jewelry will make a great addition to your collection of dangling earrings and add a fun and fashionable look to your everyday style. Each Opalite dangle earring is made with a lucky silver plated dragon, playfully wrapped around a 16mm Opalite orb.The look of the luminous Opalite glass orb is intriguing. You can easily seethe play of colors when light shines on the stone. The Asian dragon is honored by the Chinese for the power and wisdom they are thought to symbolize. Buy a pair of lucky dragon earrings for yourself today and wait for the compliments to start.

Model Number: YP-ONYX-STUD-6mm-AZ
UPC: 640626736305
SKU: 47341257
$12.99 $28.99
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These beguiling 6mm amethyst hued ball stud earrings are absolutely perfect for the lady looking for a sharp look. Our alluring amethyst stud ball earrings 6mm are made from Silver Plated and feature a smooth round amethyst ball that its tonal variations are beautiful in every light. These Silver Plated brass amethyst 6mm stud earrings are understatedly elegant and the unique look of amethyst ball studs will make a great impact on your image. These 6mm ball style amethyst earrings are for pierced ears only. All of our Silver Plated earrings 6mm are made from only quality materials. These amethyst Silver Plated brass ball earrings 6mm are versatile and can be worn with any outfit, so mix them up and see what you come up with. Order your Silver Plated studs 6mm today.

Model Number: PTS-ZKY-652MC-9-AZ
UPC: 640626764322
SKU: 200359925
$27.99 $62.99
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Green Malachite rings for men are a sensational purchase for the fashion forward guy in your life. This piece of antique style mens jewelry is smooth and polished and of substantial weight. This is an accessory that is guaranteed to draw attention. Engraved Greek Key design is ancient Greece, symbolizing infinity will add a touch of elegants when you wear this sensational fashion rings. If you are shopping for unusual and bold Fathers Day gifts this year, look no further for the perfect hip accessory for your dad, your uncle or your brother.

Model Number: YP-ONYX-STUD-10mm-AZ
UPC: 640626736299
SKU: 47341762
$12.99 $28.99
6 reviews
Made with genuine dyed blue Lapis, these ball stud earrings have glints of gold in deep alluring and intense blue. Our irresistible stunning 925 Sterling Silver Dyed Lapis Lazuli stud earrings have a dainty and lightweight wearing feel. Purchase these lapis lazuli earrings and walk out in a timeless classic style.

Model Number: YP-F2275-AZ
UPC: 640626736077
SKU: 157106592
$29.99 $59.99
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A sterling silver amethyst earring will make a classic and simply beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. Amethyst jewelry works well with most styles of clothing year round and offers a stylish look to compliment virtually any style of dress, especially if purple is your favorite color. Gem jewelry is a sensational way to add a perfect pop of purple to your favorite ensemble and add a dash of elegance to everything you wear. There is no need to have pierced ears to wear a clip on earring. If you are shopping for a loved one who wears February birthstone jewelry, a gemstone bead earring is a great choice. Order yours today.

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