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Model Number: WJ-SWE7762-LAP-AZ
UPC: 643906547509
SKU: 423821549
$29.99 $59.99
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Blue Lapis jewelry always seems to be in style and has a classic appeal for women of all ages. A new pair of clip on earrings is a perfect choice to take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town. Measuring approximately 12MM in length, our beautifully colored oval shaped blue Lapis stone has a stunning look. It is set bezel style with a clip on Clip that is made of 925 sterling silver with gold Plating and alloy clip for strength. Around the edge of the stone is a subtle rope design that truly enhances its look.

Model Number: CB-BJ0519-BR-AZ
UPC: 643906588007
SKU: 52564058
$12.99 $32.99
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Our Hamsa hand stretch bracelet makes it easy to adorn yourself with positive energy. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. Is a protective sign that brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The Hamsa hand also called hamesh, Hamsa, hamsa, and hamsa. Made with 10mm tiger eye beads, new jade serpentine beads and gold plated spacer Rondell beads, your free spirited style will shine bright wearing this yoga bracelet. This is one of those beaded chakra bracelets that bring out good vibes in everyone.

Model Number: WJ-SWP5286-08B-AZ
UPC: 640626728157
SKU: 47343762
$34.99 $65.99
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Cross pendants are thought to give the wearer both positive energy and a wonderful sense of protection. The gemstone Jade is known as the ultimate symbol of calm and serenity. It helps bring serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. This combination is perfect for a religious pendant. Our sensational Jade cross pendant is a stylish way to express your religious devotion. Our .925 Sterling Silver cross is a perfect gift for a loved one who embraces religious jewelry. Consider our Jade cross as a gift for Christmas or Easter for someone special on your life. Please note that a with this purchase.

Model Number: WJ-SWR5013-BL-9-AZ
UPC: 640626747608
SKU: 354415009
$15.99 $32.99
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In terms of Feng Shui, the gemstone Jade has been used for centuries for its abilities to create a serene feeling of harmony and balance. Jade is also used as a stone of protection and good luck. Green Jade jewelry has been beloved by many for centuries, not only for these properties, but for its beauty. If you love the color green and want to add one of our green Jade bands to your collection of fine jade jewelry, our affordable gemstone ring is a perfect choice for you. Buy several of these Jade bands for women of all ages on your gift list this year, for a fashionable accessory they will treasure. Our Jade ring is lightweight and will prove to be a perfect gift for all of your green eyed friends as well.

Model Number: WJ-SWE9788-08OX-AZ
UPC: 640626760614
SKU: 332693797
$22.99 $46.99
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Our Bohemian Style dangle earrings are simple, yet highly stylish and the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. These teardrop dangle earrings have a beautiful teardrop shaped stone that is set in.925 sterling silver and is decorated in a Balinese Style. The combination of the color green purple red and blue of the stone and the cool, crisp look of the sterling silver makes for a dazzling pair of earrings that is sure to turn heads. Indulge yourself and order a pair today.

Model Number: WJ-SWR3524-01A-7-AZ
UPC: 640626631723
SKU: 168613559
$39.99 $72.99
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Rage on in style with our sterling silver green jade ring. A little bit southwestern style, a little bit vintage style this classic green jade ring is perfect for every day wear.

Model Number: WJ-SWE4731-AZ
UPC: 640626727761
SKU: 47339441
$36.99 $78.99
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A brand new pair of filigree earrings will certainly help to brighten your day. The large filigree design at the top of each sterling silver earring adds a very feminine look to this feminine accessory. The teardrop shaped nature stone features flecks of color in varying shades that are quite lovely and will add a great pop of color to your style. A simple touch of bright color may be all your need to spice up an ordinary outfit and our drop earrings are perfect for that. This jewelry has been beloved by many for centuries. The combination is unbeatable and our genuine gemstone earrings are proof of that. Order a pair today for a look you will love. Our teardrop earrings will stay on your ears very securely because of the leverback design of the backing.

Model Number: WJ-SWP5285-01-AZ
UPC: 640626635745
SKU: 47343074
$39.99 $65.99
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Our .925 Sterling Silver necklace pendant has a genuine dyed jade surrounding the Chinese character "Fortune" that will surely bring you luck and happiness. .925 Sterling Silver pendant necklaces are a great way to add a polished look to any outfit. Our .925 Sterling Silver necklaces for women are a great gift for anyone who love gemstones. .

Model Number: WJ-SWR3204-GR-10-AZ
UPC: 643906620134
SKU: 165949184
$49.99 $105.99
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This jade ring will make you feel worthy of royalty. A green jade band is bordered by sterling silver, adding just a glint of metal. An elegant crossover motif is encrusted in cz stones resulting in a brilliant shine. Wear this jade ring alone or pair it with other gemstone jewelry. Jade jewelry makes fabulous birthday gifts for women of all ages.

Model Number: WJ-SWE0218-AZ
UPC: 640626635684
SKU: 47340810
$36.99 $72.99
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Jade is said to be the gemstone of purity and purification. Our sterling silver dyed jade dangle earrings will not disappoint. Dangling from a captivating filigree, our dyed jade leverback earring is a splendid statement piece. Order a pair of our sterling silver jade jewelry today to bring some purity into your life.

Model Number: WJ-SWE7068-01-OX-AZ
UPC: 643906588342
SKU: 130697928
$24.99 $54.99
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These Bohemian drop earrings contain the intense gemstones. Delicately patterned sterling silver earrings cradle the stones as it dangles gently from your ear with a bit of swing. This gemstone earring is an essential addition to your fall wardrobe.

Model Number:
UPC: 466091505259
SKU: 609150525
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Quartz and jade, a beloved gemstone for centuries is believed to restore harmony and balance. Harness positive, healing energy and infuse your style with free-spirited appeal with this stunning pendant necklace featuring enthralling, solid stones fashioned into a darling, sweet butterfly motif. Includes 18 inch .925 silver rolo chain.