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Model Number: SWK-HYP-0637-G-AZ
UPC: 640626719018
SKU: 47341706
$7.99 $28.99
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This gold tone tipped bullet necklace pendant looks hip and contemporary. Two tone Bullet necklaces have always been donned by those brave enough to make a big impact. This urbane Stainless Steel jewelry for him has a simple and bold design. The part of the bullet pendant that acts as the bale has a matte finish for a realistic look. The tip of the bullet is smooth shiny gold tone steel. Gold and Stainless Steel jewelry is timeless and this gun bullet pendants has a great design you will want to wear all the time. Makes a perfect gift for those looking for affordable Fathers Day gifts and will delight every recent graduate you know so purchase this two tone gold Stainless Steel bullet pendants necklaces today. Chain Included.

Model Number: SWK-HYB-0037-9-AZ
UPC: 756995755004
SKU: 421567112
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Wearing a new stainless steel byzantine chain bracelet is a sensational way to add an attractive and fashionable accent to his everyday appearance. Give this to the man on your gift list who enjoys wearing bold stainless steel bracelets. The combination of the smooth links and the rope style links are unusual and perfect for the fashion conscious man. Our stainless steel twisted link bracelet secures with a lobster claw clasp, so that even men with very active lifestyles can wear it with the utmost of confidence. Affordable stainless steel jewelry is a sensational gift for men of all ages. Buy one of our extra chain bracelets for a loved one when you place your order today and have a great gift ready when the next special occasion arises.

Model Number: newitem49675595-16-AZ
UPC: 640626663809
SKU: 173534678
$12.99 $21.99
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Be spontaneous with this silk cord chain necklace. The options are endless with many different lengths to choose from to add your favorite pendants for a different look every day. The comfortable chain comes in lengths ranging from 14 inches to 36 inches depending on where you want the pendant to fall. These silk cords come with a silver plated brass lobster claw clasp in a high polished finish.

Model Number: SSTR-P850-AQARIU-AZ
UPC: 640626715416
SKU: 196099856
$46.99 $74.99
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This Zodiac Pendant Necklace observes the birthdays from January 21st to February 20th. Known as a symbol for invention and humanity, the Aquarius female water carrier sign never goes out of style. This item is comfortable to wear. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one today. 18 Inch Rolo Chain Included

Model Number: PMR-P14097-AZ
UPC: 640626721776
SKU: 136996093
$44.99 $46.99
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Sweet and sensitive cancers, show off your zodiac style with this astrological pendant. Let your zodiac sign do the talking with this .925 Sterling Silver crab cancer pendant. Super trendy right now, horoscope jewelry is a great take on the personalization trend sweeping the fashion scene. Be proud of your birth date with this silver zodiac pendant. Each necklace features a .925 Sterling Silver pendant. Cancer Jewelry makes a great gift for anyone born 21 June to 22 July. Celebrate your zodiac with radiant style with this stunning pendant necklace with 18 in rolo chain.

Model Number: XY-00160811-AZ
UPC: 640626731195
SKU: 161305514
$9.99 $12.99
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Attention Corporate America, it is your patriotic duty to wear these amazing American Flag cufflinks. Stainless steel plating and enamel are used to bring you this remarkable waved flag design. The stars and stripes look of this US flag cufflink will have you feeling patriotic. Get a pair of these gorgeous United States flag cufflinks for Fathers Day, formal 4th of July events, or just to go with your power business suits. Patriotic jewelry is always popular and you too can show the world your national pride now with these fun patriotic cufflinks.

Model Number: SSTR-CKP-AZ
UPC: 640626714129
SKU: 48187359
$35.99 $65.99
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Celtic and spiritual. Our .925 Silver Celtic Knot Medallion Pendant features the fascinating triskelion Celtic symbol, three spirals flowing out of a triangle. Today, sports and music celebrities are seen wearing the mystical symbol which represents growth, development and enlightenment. Be a part of the spirit. Buy this Celtic knot jewelry and feel the energy. A gorgeous Celtic pendant with a beautifully burnished Antique Style look. Celtic medallions are as popular today as they were hundreds of years ago. The graceful, abstract designs on Celtic knot pendants have made them a favorite style throughout the ages. Timeless and intriguing. Buy our finely crafted Celtic pendant today for yourself or friends who like an exotic look in their jewelry. 18 Inch Rolo Chain Included

Model Number: PS-TSE682-18-AZ
UPC: 640626604161
SKU: 47344514
$29.99 $65.99
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The Hamsa hand is an amulet intended to bring good luck to whoever wears it. This beautiful Hamsa pendant features a Star of David lying in the palm and is made of .925 Sterling Silver. This silver pendant not only looks excellent but it also has a deep symbolic representation for each individual owner.

Model Number: APPL-JN-190707-AZ
UPC: 464332563730
SKU: 433256373
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This evil eye pendant utilizes one of the most mysterious symbols in western culture. The eye of providence is a symbol used as the US seal. It appears on the one dollar bill and is also renowned as a masonic or illuminati symbol. This .925 Sterling Silver evil eye pendant features a detailed .925 Sterling Silver pyramid image with an evil glass eye in the middle. This silver evil eye pendant is a great everyday pendant and Whether you are an ancient symbol fan, a conspiracy theorist or you just have a keen eye for fashion. This pendant will do the trick for you. Chain Included.

Model Number:
SKU: 47343424
$79.99 $109.99
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Make a splash and rock the next special occasion wearing a distinctive .925 Sterling Silver mermaid anchor pendant. At two inches long including the bail and 1.25 inches wide, our men's silver mermaid pendant will easily let you stand out from the crowd. Meticulously crafted from fine .925 Sterling Silver, our mermaid pendant necklace beautifully captures the spirit of the mythical mermaid. Sitting atop a polished .925 Sterling Silver nautical anchor, our mermaid is designed to add glam to any outfit. A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish and thought of as magical. The oxidized scales of our .925 Sterling Silver mermaids tail gives this men's nautical pendant a textured and classy look. Dream about your next nautical adventure and wear this .925 Sterling Silver men's pendant to up your glam game. Life is short. Shine now.

Model Number: BYJ-P1780-AZ
UPC: 640626617635
SKU: 48869958
$29.99 $46.99
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Discover our gorgeous Vintage Style Marquise CZ Cross Pendants. Our beautiful old world inspired .925 Sterling Silver cross pendants are made using five stunning marquise shaped Cubic Zirconia stones, with a single round cz stone in the center connection. The cz stones in these necklace pendants are prong set in rhodium plated .925 Sterling Silver, with an open cut design at the back. This Antique Style cz cross pendant is the perfect Mothers Day, Easter or Christmas gift. Give this remarkable Cubic Zirconia pendant as a confirmation or baptismal gift. Buy this amazing silver cz cross pendant today.

Model Number: DT-StarCharm
UPC: 640626632348
SKU: 47343799
$32.99 $65.99
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This Star of David pendant is made of .925 Sterling Silver highly polished for a magnificent look. You can give this charm as a gift to anyone on any occasion or on Jewish holidays and it can be worn to any event. This stylish Star of David charm is a great addition to any outfit, Whether formal or informal. When paired with a chain of your own, this pendant becomes a pendant necklace that can be worn at any time. Chain Included.