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Model Number: SWK-HYB-0037-9-AZ
UPC: 756995755004
SKU: 421567112
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Wearing a new stainless steel byzantine chain bracelet is a sensational way to add an attractive and fashionable accent to his everyday appearance. Give this to the man on your gift list who enjoys wearing bold stainless steel bracelets. The combination of the smooth links and the rope style links are unusual and perfect for the fashion conscious man. Our stainless steel twisted link bracelet secures with a lobster claw clasp, so that even men with very active lifestyles can wear it with the utmost of confidence. Affordable stainless steel jewelry is a sensational gift for men of all ages. Buy one of our extra chain bracelets for a loved one when you place your order today and have a great gift ready when the next special occasion arises.

Model Number: GRW-P-3556-SML-AZ
UPC: 640626747448
SKU: 780603852
$39.99 $81.99
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Flower pendants make beautiful gifts for any women who love flower jewelry. Made of .925 Sterling Silver, this dainty piece features a sunflower design that opens up to display an oval pendant underneath with the words My Love printed on it. The sunflower center and petals are emphasized with oxidized silver, to give this .925 Sterling Silver necklace bold black lines and make the flower stand out. You can give this message pendant to any woman who you consider to be your sunshine. It can be a closed flower pendant or an open sunshine pendant. Either way, it is a charming piece that can be worn to any formal or informal event. Add this flower charm to your collection today or gift it to other sunshine's in your life.

Model Number: SSTR-VLC12-AZ
UPC: 640626716765
SKU: 47519746
$50.99 $54.99
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This oval shaped silver locket is the perfect classic piece of jewelry. Jewelry lockets are timeless, wear two pictures of your kids, BFF, family member, boyfriend, husband or friend close to your heart. Hair of loved ones or any momenta you choose. Made of .925 sterling silver with a high shine finish pendant. Having a pictures or memento of a memorable loved ones near to your heart makes the perfect gift for a special lady of any age.

Model Number: PTS-ZKY-KU-120-AZ
UPC: 643906541743
SKU: 751920625
$22.99 $51.99
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A thoughtful accessory for of all ages which will compliment almost all the outfits. A heavenly celestial compass pendant necklace is crafted in 925 sterling silver showing all the new directions for an exciting journey. It is great accessory for adventurous and brave people who are always ready to discover new twists and turns! Ideal gift for your friend or family who is moving away for studies or shifting to a new place!

Model Number: SRN-S122075N-AZ
UPC: 810901033768
SKU: 525398805
$19.99 $46.99
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If you are looking for luck this Lucky Elephant Necklace is just for you. Made of .925 Sterling Silver and this lucky pendant comes with an 18 inch .925 Sterling Silver chain. This good luck jewelry piece is a great gift idea for the animal lovers in your life as well as friends and family.

Model Number: SSTR-CK910-AZ
UPC: 640626767392
SKU: 544856196
$79.99 $159.99
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Choker necklaces give a modern twist simplicity when worn alone. Add your favorite bead charms and pendants create your own look. Crafted from .925 Sterling Silver this choker is sure to maintain its shape and shine. This classic collar necklace makes dressing up effortless.

Model Number: JA-NE3020-AZ
UPC: 640626649971
SKU: 47343042
$19.99 $46.99
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This royal blue Simulated Sapphire color pendant necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Simulated Sapphire and crown like design. Crafted from rhodium plated brass, this blue flower pendant necklace sparkles with white and blue, round and oval cz stones, making this into an elegant piece suitable for formal events. You can give this 18in necklace as a gift to women for September birthday celebrations, or for any other celebrated events, because it makes an appropriate gift for any event. Order for yourself or for family and friends who are sure to love this Simulated Sapphire pendant necklace.

Model Number: WJ-BWP7080-08-AZ
UPC: 643906568795
SKU: 762053497
$49.99 $101.99
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Add an element of exquisite vintage style to your look with this beautifully designed pendant necklace. A glowing, mother of pearl vintage cameo is stunningly enhanced by a background of striking , black agate with marcasite accents at top and bottom, finished in oxidized .925 silver, dangling from a lustrous cable chain.

Model Number: APPL-JN-130559-AZ
UPC: 640626612715
SKU: 47338976
$19.99 $37.99
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Radiating sentiment and style, this elegant 925 sterling silver, pendant necklace features a beautiful message of "Love," rendered in a cursive font. The pendant is stationed upon a lustrous, 16 in rolo chain. The perfect, " I love you" gift for mothers day, Valentines Day or anniversary, to show the one you love how much you care.

Model Number: IY-5107-AZ
UPC: 640626649285
SKU: 47341369
$32.99 $65.99
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Our .925 Silver Evil Eye Necklace dazzles with its Simulated Sapphire color and colorless Cubic Zirconia set in a .925 Sterling Silver pendant. Evil eye jewelry is worn for its protective powers. This Evil Eye Necklace features a beautiful blue eye made of round CZ stones. This pendant necklace makes a great gift anyone in need of a little luck.

Model Number: APPL-J21001-18-AZ
UPC: 640626612531
SKU: 47340980
$12.99 $46.99
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Strike your special someone with Cupid's arrow in this beautifully designed pendant necklace. This stunning, 925 Sterling Silver pendant necklace features an intricately carved, Cupid's arrow motif with a dazzling, 4mm cu heart accent stone below. A perfect gift to say love you for any occasion- Valentines' Day, an anniversary, birthday or holiday.

Model Number: SI-PP340196-AZ
UPC: 640626706292
SKU: 47343774
$61.99 $89.99
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The Ankh, also known as the key of life, was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character for eternal life. Now the key of life can be yours with this .925 pure .925 Sterling Silver Ankh pendant. This unisex Ankh pendant is a full 2.5 inches long and is sold with an 18 Inch Chain. Dress it down with a simple black cord, or go goth with a metal snake chain. Best of all this cross pendant is finished in rhodium so silver will shine for an eternity.