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Model Number: PBX-HS-009-SHINE
UPC: 640626674249
SKU: 47341434
$12.99 $28.99
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Create your own garden on your Italian story bead bracelet. This Rose Sterling Silver Flower Bead is made of high polish .925 sterling silver and features four unique rose flowers that will twirl gracefully along with your charms that fit bracelets. For centuries, these beautiful flowers have symbolized love and romance, so combine this flower bead with your other love beads to create a beautiful love themed story bead bracelet. With a wide range of available patterns such as heart beads, charm beads, friends beads, enamel beads, and many more, you are sure to discover a charm that fits perfectly and compliments your bracelets. Weighs 1.1 grams.

Model Number: PBX-BRMA-008-AZ
UPC: 756995750672
SKU: 561232004
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This remarkable sterling silver cross bead is made entirely of .925 sterling silver. Glittering cubic zirconia accents give this silver cross charm a sparkling beauty that will light up your beads bracelet. These affordable cz cross charms are fantastic inspirational beads that will show off your spirituality with style. Religious jewelry is a wonderful way to show someone you care or give them as Christmas gifts or holiday presents.

Model Number: PBX-HSD-42-AZ
UPC: 640626676564
SKU: 47339766
$19.99 $46.99
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If you are dreaming about a romantic getaway to France, Our affordable Eiffel Tower charm bead is an amazing travel bead that helps you recall that special trip or may send you on your next voyage. The .925 oxidized sterling silver dangle charm is as elegant as the French monument. From the fine details of the silver Eiffel tower bead to the exotic memories the Eiffel tower dangle charm evokes, this bead will remind you that love, romance, and adventure are always as nearby as the sterling silver travel bead on your wrist.

Model Number: PBX-DF-SB-1074R-AZ
UPC: 640626668903
SKU: 47343378
$14.99 $32.99
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One of the best hands in poker, Four of a Kind Aces 925 Sterling Silver Charm Bead will also complement your other charms and beads. This charm bead is made of high quality .925 Sterling Silver in a polish finish. The Ace of Hearts is being displayed as the last card played on this sports bead. This card bead measures approximately 7mm height x 13mm length x 7.5mm width and weighs approximately 2 grams. Give this sports bead as a gift to other gamblers or buy one for yourself, either way you are a winner.

Model Number: PBX-HE-239-AZ
UPC: 640626899956
SKU: 47341346
$24.99 $54.99
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Add a touch of patriotism to your wrist this season with our red, white and blue American flag bead. Crafted entirely in 925 sterling silver and beautifully designed with red and blue enamel details, this stars and stripes bead will help you show off your pride for your country, along with your patriotic spirit and your good style sense. This stunning American flag charm will be a perfect addition to any beads bracelet, no matter the theme. Made with a 5mm bead core, this stars bead is a perfect gift of patriotic jewelry for anyone who loves America. Buy it as 4th of July jewelry, Veterans Day jewelry, Memorial Day jewelry or simply to add some patriotic spirit to your sterling silver beads bracelet. We can guarantee that flag jewelry will never go out of style.

Model Number: PBX-MDR-3858J050-AZ
UPC: 640626721486
SKU: 47339137
$16.99 $35.99
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If you are not yet ready to say goodbye to the snow, our new sterling silver simulated blue topaz CZ snowflake bead is a reminder of wintertime. This rhodium plated December birthstone bead is shaped like a star and a perfect addition to your beads bracelet. Blue jewelry will help wash away the winter blues. Bead core is 5mm.

Model Number: AYL-122WH-9-AZ
UPC: 810901034451
SKU: 982253634
$19.99 $29.99
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Marking the beginning of your personal style journey and a new global community in which we are all entwined, this elegant, leather AYLLU charm bracelet provides the perfect canvas to showcase your favorite beads and charms. Begin your unique bead story to create your own expression of love, luck and unity. Featuring a .925 silver screw barrel clasp. Packaged in handcrafted gift boxes with a pamphlet telling the story of Ayllu's community.

Model Number: PBX-HSD-182-AZ
UPC: 640626676267
SKU: 47331087
$14.99 $28.99
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Take care of the special nurse in your life when you purchase this special run symbol dangle charm memento. If you are a registered nurse or if you have a friend who is and wants to add a medical charm to an existing bead bracelet, then this sterling silver nursing bead is a perfect choice for you. The symbol of the caduceus represents the accomplishment of completing nursing school and it is represented here in lovely detail. The oxidized look of the registered nurses charm is sensational. The care and dedication that nurses put into their profession can easily be embodied in a story bracelet with this nurse bead. Consider starting one for a special nurse or add a meaningful sterling silver dangle bead to your story bracelet. Bead core is 5mm.

Model Number: AYL-132-AZ
UPC: 810901035861
SKU: 720937664
$9.99 $19.99
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Marking the beginning of a new global community in which we are forever entwined, this elegant spacer bead charm features a poignant message of UNITY, with bold capital lettering. Designed in lustrous sterling silver, it is a beautiful expression of ideals of love, luck and unity.

Model Number: PBX-HGSC-91-AZ
UPC: 640626673686
SKU: 47339761
$29.99 $46.99
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This blue Murano glass bead set is perfect for any beads bracelet. These glam Murano glass charms will add the ideal pop of color to any bracelet, no matter the theme. Gift a set to a friend or add these sterling silver charms to your own European story bracelet and shine bright today. Fits , and beads.

Model Number: PBX-HS-315DARKEN
UPC: 640626674799
SKU: 47338908
$15.99 $28.99
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A completely cute charm bead that is perfect for all coffee lovers, our sterling silver coffee cup charm will make a delightful addition to any beads bracelet. This adorable sterling silver charm bead is a cute way to express your love and affection, or might you say addiction, for coffee.

Model Number: PBX-HE-122-PK-SHN-AZ
UPC: 640626670876
SKU: 47343851
$15.99 $28.99
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Think Pink and Tell your story. This pink ribbon bead for charm bracelets is a signifier of ones dedication to fighting breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon 925 Sterling Silver Charm Bead is the perfect way for you to show support of one of the most notable and worthy causes for women. Made of .925 Sterling Silver with inlaid pink enamel, this small but eye catching silver charm bead makes a powerful statement and showcases solidarity with the cause. Buy multiple and give them to your friends to make a collective statement. Show your compassion, admiration, and love for those that you love and may have lost and make your own European bead bracelet or necklace. Combine this and other charms that fit bracelets and necklaces.