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SKU: 447061891
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Length - 27, Measure: 27 mm L x 6 mm W, 4 mm Bead CoreWeight: 1.6 gramMaterial: .925 Sterling Silver

Model Number: PBX-DF-SB-1074R-AZ
UPC: 640626668903
SKU: 47343378
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One of the best hands in poker, Four of a Kind Aces 925 Sterling Silver Charm Bead will also complement your other charms and beads. This charm bead is made of high quality .925 Sterling Silver in a polish finish. The Ace of Hearts is being displayed as the last card played on this sports bead. This card bead measures approximately 7mm height x 13mm length x 7.5mm width and weighs approximately 2 grams. Give this sports bead as a gift to other gamblers or buy one for yourself, either way you are a winner.

Model Number: PBX-HSD-195-AZ
UPC: 640626676380
SKU: 47344491
$21.99 $46.99
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This holiday season is fast approaching and as the air gets chillier, and days get shorter, we all look for comfort and holiday joy. One thing that always brings a little comfort and a lot of joy is the smell of gingerbread during the holiday season. What better way to remind you of that joy then this adorable happy little gingerbread man dangle charm dangling from your bracelet or necklace. Our sterling silver charm is covered in brown enamel with two red and green crystal accents on his stomach. This sweet little sterling silver gingerbread man bead looks good enough to eat. It dangles from a sterling silver bead with more red, green, and clear crystal stones and it will be sure to sweeten up your Christmas themed jewelry collection.

Model Number: PBX-HSDR-H-AZ
UPC: 640626775076
SKU: 171347554
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Showcase your letter proudly with our stunning silver alphabet letter H bead charm. Made from sterling silver, this dangle bead can be worn alone or mixed and matched with several other silver beads. Whether you wear one letter or several to create your entire name, our alphabet letter beads will look chic on your wrists. Buy yours today.

Model Number: PBX-D-SS0743-AZ
UPC: 640626669795
SKU: 47331106
$12.99 $28.99
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Fill moms heart with love this Valentines Day and gift her with this Mother Loving bead. This meaningful and unique bead is one of a kind as it features a Mother Loving along an open heart. Show mom she will always be in your heart with this sterling silver heart charm. This mothers bead is crafted from .925 sterling silver and will fit perfectly with other family charms. Order mom a little something special this year with this mothers charm.

Model Number: PBX-HSD-42-AZ
UPC: 640626676564
SKU: 47339766
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If you are dreaming about a romantic getaway to France, Our affordable Eiffel Tower charm bead is an amazing travel bead that helps you recall that special trip or may send you on your next voyage. The .925 oxidized sterling silver dangle charm is as elegant as the French monument. From the fine details of the silver Eiffel tower bead to the exotic memories the Eiffel tower dangle charm evokes, this bead will remind you that love, romance, and adventure are always as nearby as the sterling silver travel bead on your wrist.

Model Number: PBX-HSD-371-AZ
UPC: 643906550677
SKU: 785513044
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This stunning dangle charm is evocative of love, protection and guidance. Crafted from lustrous .925 silver, it features a captivating, spiritual angel feather wing, with a delicate, gold plated silver, open heart accent dangling in front. This exquisite bead charm will make a sublime addition to your spiritual bead story.

Model Number: PBX-BRMA-008-AZ
UPC: 756995750672
SKU: 561232004
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This remarkable sterling silver cross bead is made entirely of .925 sterling silver. Glittering cubic zirconia accents give this silver cross charm a sparkling beauty that will light up your beads bracelet. These affordable cz cross charms are fantastic inspirational beads that will show off your spirituality with style. Religious jewelry is a wonderful way to show someone you care or give them as Christmas gifts or holiday presents.

Model Number: PBX-HS-050-SHINE
UPC: 640626674324
SKU: 47340074
$9.99 $28.99
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Woof, woof. Perfect for all dog lovers, the Puppy Dog 925 Sterling Silver Animal Bead is a stunning addition to your charms that fit bracelets. This two sided pooch is crafted of .925 sterling silver with an extremely lustrous finish. Call this puppy love. With a wide range of available patterns such as heart beads, charm beads, enamel beads, animal beads, and many more you are sure to discover a charm that fits perfectly with your bracelets.

Model Number: AYL-122WH-9-AZ
UPC: 810901034451
SKU: 982253634
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Marking the beginning of your personal style journey and a new global community in which we are all entwined, this elegant, leather AYLLU charm bracelet provides the perfect canvas to showcase your favorite beads and charms. Begin your unique bead story to create your own expression of love, luck and unity. Featuring a .925 silver screw barrel clasp. Packaged in handcrafted gift boxes with a pamphlet telling the story of Ayllu's community.

Model Number: PBX-DF-SB-1217
UPC: 640626669245
SKU: 47344150
$18.99 $46.99
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If you are a daddy's , our black enamel CZ sterling silver charm bead will make a perfect pick for your beads bracelet. With a tiny pink CZ for sparkly detail, this adorable sterling silver charm bead will add cuteness and style to your European story bracelet. Our two sided silver bead is made in a chic shape to enhance any theme.

Model Number: PBX-GJ5316-AZ
UPC: 640626669870
SKU: 47339636
$9.99 $24.99
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Forget about those sugarplum visions, candy cane should be your go to Christmas treat. Imagine the aroma of delicious peppermint as you add this red and white glass bead candy cane charm to your holiday charm bracelet. You can almost taste the yummy flavor of this holiday charm bead. This delicious looking Christmas bead is made of Murano glass surrounded by .925 sterling silver. The candy cane motif that decorates this Murano glass bead is everything you could want in a Christmas glass charm. Buy this candy cane bead today.