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A must-have gift for every OREO fan! No more messy fingers or soggy OREO cookies. This gift set gives you everything you need to create the perfect dunk, including 12 OREO cookies, 2 mugs, 2 cookie cages, 2 dunking tongs and napkins. Happy dunking!

Beary Christmas Gift Basket

Alder Creek Gift Baskets
Model Number: FG09763
UPC: 843401097329
SKU: 345594483
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Here comes Beary-Bear filled with Holiday Spirit! Enjoy a kick of our special Hot Chocolate Ghirardelli and Lindt.

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UPC: 732346456141
SKU: 324587938
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The You're Dynamite Valentine's Hot Sauce Gift Set contains five different hot sauces, inspired by exotic flavors and peppers from around the world. The flavors include cayenne pepper, chipotle pepper, ghost pepper, garlic herb, and smoky bourbon. With five bottles of hot sauce, the hot sauce and food flavor combinations are made endless. Each bottle of hot sauce is wrapped to look like a stick of dynamite and is three fluid ounces. This is the perfect way to tell the hot sauce lover in your life that they are dynamite! Knock the socks off of your friends with the You're Dynamite Valentine's Hot Sauce Gift Set.

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UPC: 747599414374
SKU: 981688572
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Ghirardelli Premium Chocolate Assortment Gift features intense, slow-melting chocolate in your favorite holiday flavors. Reward yourself this season with the perfect combination of our rich chocolate and luscious fillings. Savor a moment that will carry you through your day. Each individually wrapped chocolate square is made with rich, high quality ingredients and sustainably sourced cocoa beans. The perfect gift for a variety of occasions, these assorted chocolates are a great way to put smiles on the faces of your colleagues, family and friends. Also ideal for entertaining, these chocolate squares are delectable post dinner holiday treats, and they add a festive sparkle to candy dishes. This indulgent gift contains the following assortment of holiday candy flavors: Milk Chocolate Caramel, Peppermint Bark, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark, Dark Chocolate Mint and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. Ghirardelli Makes the Holidays a Bite Better.

Country Lavender Spa Gift

Alder Creek Gift Baskets
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UPC: 843401052441
SKU: 872658985
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Give the gift of a relaxing country bed and breakfast spa experience with our Country Lavender Spa Gift.

Model Number: 3400066660
UPC: 034000666607
SKU: 33964769
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Hippity hop, don't let the fun stop! Whether you eat it all at once or save some for later, the REESE'S Peanut Butter Filled Giant Chocolate Bunny is a must-have this Easter season!

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UPC: 072799792091
SKU: 112580004
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Delicious merci Finest Chocolate with a design that is perfect for a Christmas gift. merci Finest Selection includes 8 flavors: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut Almond, Hazelnut Crème, Dark Cream, Dark Mousse, Coffee and Cream, Praline Crème, and Marzipan. merci Chocolate is known as Europe’s famous Gift Chocolate, merci offers something for everyone and is sure to be warmly received. Our delicious, carefully selected Chocolate candy assortments made in Europe with the Finest ingredients One 14.1 oz box of merci chocolates

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UPC: 041376407734
SKU: 803634448
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Elf on the Shelf & The ORIGINAL Hot Chocolate Bomb gift set. The latest and greatest way to enjoy hot chocolate! Made with rich Belgian Milk Chocolate and mini marshmallows, simply place the hollow chocolate ball into your mug, pour warm milk on top and watch it melt into a silky hot chocolate drink.

Model Number: 4138
UPC: 077260041388
SKU: 329397659
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The Russell Stover Pecan Delights Holiday Box is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Generous clusters of crunchy pecans and kettle-cooked caramel and covered in milk chocolate make a great chocolate gift idea for Christmas. Celebrate with sweetness and make a wonderful gift for colleagues, friends, family and loved ones – Russell Stover is sure to make everyone happy. Each chocolate box contains chocolates made from scratch with the finest ingredients that you will be proud to give as a gift. Russell Stover Chocolates is an American Classic est. 1923, made from our hearts with tradition and passion.

Model Number: 7038CWM
UPC: 076740070382
SKU: 21566339
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UPC: 041376405310
SKU: 195920473
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There's nothing like M&M's candy to kick off the holiday season! This M&M's Fun Size Christmas Bowl Gift Set is bright, colorful, and features your favorite M&M's characters. The set includes four ceramic bowls that are perfect to use as individual ice cream or soup bowls. They can also double as serving bowls for snack mixes, popcorn, and of course, M&Ms! The set comes with 2 Fun Size bags of Milk Chocolate M&M's & Peanut M&M's. Makes a fun and festive gift for family members, friends, teachers, co-workers, and really any M&M's Lover on your gift list. Show someone you care when you gift this M&M's Fun Size Christmas Bowl Gift Set.