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There's nothing a parent wants more than for their baby to be comfortable, that's why we've combined our award-winning breast-like nipple with the latest anti-colic innovation to create the Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic bottle. This is no ordinary baby bottle. It works a little differently from regular bottles to help combat colic, while ensuring a comfortable feeding experience for you and your baby. The unique venting system draws air away from milk, meaning 80% less gas*, and 100% more smiles! Plus, a built-in heat-sensing strip gives extra reassurance that your milk is just the right temperature. Helping you #ParentOn Set contains: 2x 5oz and 2x 9oz bottles with slow flow nipples, 2x medium flow nipples, 2x milk storage pots, 2x bottle lids, 2x formula dispensers, 1x 0-6m pacifier, 1x baby bottle cleaning brush, 2x small nipple cleaning brushes *80% of the 210 parents we consulted who tried this bottle agreed that it successfully reduced colic symptoms (June 2017)

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Stock-up and make every little bite count with Gerber Lil' Crunchies baked corn snack 4 count value pack. Each serving is made with 2g of whole grain goodness and never any artificial flavors, artificial colors and NO GMOS. Gerber Lil Crunchies has the ideal texture that is easy to chew and swallow and is sized just right for older babies learning to pick up

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Philips Avent Anti-colic baby bottle with AirFree vent 4oz with a Newborn Flow nipple promotes the health and comfort of your baby. This BPA free bottle is designed to reduce most common feeding issues including colic, gas, and reflux. The unique AirFree vent keeps the nipple full of milk, not air, as baby feeds in a range of positions for easier upright feeding. By keeping the nipple full of milk, the AirFree vent helps baby ingest less air. The AirFree vent is only one piece, and is easy to clean without any special tools. The Anti-colic bottle features a valve that reduces vacuum buildup, and reducing air into your baby’s tummy. The Anti-colic bottle can be used with or without the AirFree vent, giving you the option based on your baby’s feeding needs. The extra soft silicone nipple is available in different flow rates for babies of all ages. The Anti-colic baby bottle works interchangeably with most of the Philips Avent range making it easier to meet your growing baby’s changing needs. We recommend using the Philips Avent Anti-colic baby bottle with Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle nipples. Includes 1 Anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent with Newborn Flow nipple. SCF400/14 Designed to reduce most common feeding issues: colic, gas, and reflux AirFree vent keeps nipple full of milk, not air AirFree vent is one piece, easy to clean A range of flow rates are available for your growing baby, newborn - fast flow. This bottle includes a newborn nipple on each bottle. Philips Avent is the #1 brand recommended by moms worldwide Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent, Clear, 4oz, 1pk

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Your options have never been better with Dr. Browns Natural Flow Options Glass Narrow Baby Bottle. From nipple to base, the Options Bottle makes for a comfortable feeding experience for baby. Starting at the top, each nipple is specially engineered to offer the same consistent, natural flow, so you and baby know what to expect in every feeding. The soft silicone nipple helps baby naturally latch while the anti-colic vent system lets baby feed without fuss. Together, they offer a reliable and trusted bottle feeding experience that makes Dr. Browns the #1 pediatrician recommended bottle in the U.S. Plus, our glass bottles are made of pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass that is heat and thermal shock-resistant which can withstand hot and cold temperatures, along with gradual temperature changes.

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Playtex Baby VentAire Bottles provide complete tummy comfort for easy switching between breast and bottle feeding. VentAire Bottles are designed with doctor-recommended features that help prevent colic and reflux. The patented bottom vent promotes an air-free feed, and the ergonomic, angled design promotes semi-upright feeding to help prevent ear infections. Unlike nipple vented bottles, VentAire's bottom vent keeps the air at the back of the bottle and prevents it from mixing with milk as your baby drinks. Fewer air bubbles in your baby's milk mean reduced colic, reflux, gas, burping, and fussiness. Playtex Baby offers a variety of uniquely designed bottles that meet all of your baby's changing feeding needs. All Playtex Baby products are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate Free.

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Feeding baby thicker liquids? Get the Dr. Brown’s® Y-Cut Narrow Nipple for improved flow rate. Dr. Brown’s uniquely designed Y-Cut Narrow Nipple works together with our internal vent system to help growing babies feed at their own pace with thickened milk, formula, or cereal. Each Y-Cut Nipple provides the same consistent flow rate, so both you and baby know exactly what to expect. Together with the anti-colic internal vent system, the Y-Cut Nipple offers vacuum-free feeding that is clinically proven to reduce colic, decreases spit-up, burping and gas, better preserves nutrients, and aids in digestion for a good night’s sleep. Made of super-soft, high-grade silicone, the Y-Cut Nipple fits all Dr. Brown’s Narrow bottles. Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe. BPA free.

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Philips Avent Natural Newborn Nipple is designed for the youngest babies, featuring a newborn slow flow rate. These nipples are made of soft, durable silicone, which is odorless, flavorless and BPA free. The nipples can be sterilized in any Philips Avent steam sterilizer, boiled for five minutes, or washed in the dishwasher. A wide breast-shape nipple which promotes natural latch-on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The ultra soft nipple mimics the feel of the breast. Our flexible spiral design combined with the comfort petals allow for a natural movement while baby feeds. Unique Airflex valve technology is integrated into the nipple and are designed to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air away from your baby's tummy. Philips Avent Natural nipples should be used with the Philips Avent Natural bottle. SCF651/43 The most natural way to bottle feed. Natural nipple shape and feel makes it easy for baby to combine with breastfeeding Wide breast-shaped silicone nipple promotes natural latch on making it easy to combine with breastfeeding Ultra Soft nipple mimics the feel of the breast Unique Airflex valve technology integrated into the nipple is designed to reduce feeding issues by venting air away from your baby's tummy. Ideal flow rate for newborns and breastfed babies of all ages 4 Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Nipples, Newborn 0M+

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NUK Smooth Flow Bottles are the anti-colic solution for bottle feeding, featuring a unique nipple design that allows baby to control the flow rate for colic-free feeding. This Smooth Flow nipple adjusts the flow based on how your baby drinks, adapting to their suction strength to ensure they will always have the right flow rate. The SafeTemp temperature indicator lets you know when milk is too hot with just a glance. The blue thermometer indicator fades when milk is too hot and reappears when milk has cooled and is safe to drink.

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NUK Simply Natural Bottles Medium Flow. Simply closest to mom's breast. Multiple nipple holes just like mom. Advanced anti-colic air system. Simply the best way to combine breast & bottle. Made with the BPA free material.

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Breast shields play a key role in pumping efficiency and overall comfort. Your Medela PersonalFit Flex shield offers new Medela Flex Technology and a unique design that adjusts easily to your breast shape. Its flexible oval shape can be rotated 360 degrees and adapts to your body, so you can find the most comfortable and efficient pumping position for you. Additionally, a 105-degree angle opening combined with a soft, smooth rim is designed to reduce unnecessary pressure on the breast and lay smoothly for comfortable positioning, pumping efficiency, and a more natural feeling.Our PersonalFit Flex breast shields don't just remove more milk than traditional breast shields or effectively remove milk faster, these breast shields remove 11.8% more milk per minute and help moms pump more milk than when pumping with traditional breast shields! This optimizes your pumping sessions, making them more effective and more comfortable.Ensure that you're purchasing authentic Medela products, inauthentic or counterfeit parts can vary significantly in terms of design, workmanship, and materials used, which may affect the performance of your pump and/or your pumping experience. Medela is proud to provide the quality and performance that moms have trusted for decades, making us the #1 physician recommended breast pump product in the U.S.

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Shaped like a breast, feels like a breast, because babies prefer it that way The award-winning range of Tommee Tippee BPA-free baby bottles are inspired by what babies love most—mom. With the most breast-like nipple ever made, this feeding bottle flexes like mom’s breast and feels like mom because babies prefer it that way. Our Closer to Nature bottle has guaranteed acceptance by newborns and infants, and together with a super-sensitive anti-colic valve it is the best thing for baby since you—making feeding easier for everyone. Helping you Parent On *92% of more than 1200 parents who used our bottle nipple with their baby recalled that they accepted it within the first 3 attempts **In a 2012 on-line survey of more than 500 moms who used Closer to Nature baby bottles, 97% agreed

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