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Model Number: CMP36
UPC: 887961162257
SKU: 44786330
$9.84 $14.97
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A choo-choo at the zoo? Did you know its musical, too? Press down on the train whistle to hear it blow, so the Train Conductor can signal the polar bear and gorilla to climb into the back. Then press down on the train bed to hear a sing-along song! Kids can roll the train along to hear fun animal sounds to help bring the play to life. So get on board with all the musical fun!

Model Number: DRG96
UPC: 887961334128
SKU: 54224330
$10.00 $19.99
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With the Little People Wheelies Race Car, kids will leave the competition in the dust as they dash across the finish line to victory. Wheelies fit perfectly in your little one's hands, and they can zip and zoom on all sorts of exciting adventures! Where development comes into play(TM)Fine motor Boost your tot's dexterity and hand-eye coordination as they grasp and move the vehicles.Cognitive Creating stories with their Little People friends helps build strong imaginations.

Model Number: Y5957
UPC: 746775228491
SKU: 35032901
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Little People characters from Fisher-Price really know how to get the fun rolling! Wheelies are cool kid-sized vehicles that fit perfectly in little hands. And each has a favorite Little People character built right in. These little vehicles can really zip and zoom! Plus, they're “wheelie” fun to collect!

Model Number: X7822
UPC: 746775166823
SKU: 33831536
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Get moving with the Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Car Carrier. The foldout ramp on the construction carrier lets little workers load and unload the front loader - and use the scoop - which gets finger/hand dexterity rolling. Pushing the Fisher Price car carrier along gets gross motor skills in gear, too. The colorful toy has a bright yellow cab and an orange semitrailer. The semitrailer can hold up to two Wheelies vehicles in the open semitrailer, for even more fun. Wheelies vehicles are sold separately.

Model Number: FHB96
UPC: 887961520170
SKU: 452401410
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This Wheelies vehicle is purr-fect for zooming around the skyway or going on exciting off-road adventures around the living room! Little things that make a big difference Fine Motor: Little hands get a big workout as they grasp and move the vehicle, strengthening dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Model Number: GJT66
UPC: 887961817645
SKU: 279966346
$26.99 $30.00
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Toddlers can explore the great big world in the palms of their hands with this exciting Little People gift set featuring three character figures and two vehicles! The friendly delivery boy zooms through town in the Have a Slice Pizza Delivery Car toward his hungry customer, Koby, who can't wait to grab a tasty slice. But he better drive carefully or else Police Officer Becky will pull him over as she patrols the streets on her motorcycle, which has a super cool siren that twirls as kids push the vehicle along!   Little things that make a big difference Imaginative Play: With easy-to-grasp vehicles and figures, toddlers can use their imaginations to create stories as they play. Fine Motor: As toddlers grasp and move the figures and vehicles, they're strengthening dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Model Number: GMJ15
UPC: 887961855401
SKU: 324232325
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Young crimefighters can race from one exciting adventure to the next with the Little People DC Super Friends 2-in-1 Batmobile from Fisher-Price. Toddlers can push Batman along in his Batmobile through the streets of Gotham City and then transform the vehicle into a playset to expand their stories. With a spinning Batcomputer screen and fold-out features in every room, kids can imagine all sorts of fun missions with their favorite Super Hero. This 2-in-1 vehicle and playset is a great gift for any young Batman fan.

Model Number: GMJ21
UPC: 887961855494
SKU: 729805879
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Little People friends love to play and explore the great big world around them, just like real kids! By creating kid-sized versions of real-life experiences, Fisher-Price has crafted a hands-on way for kids to learn about being a caring friend, a kind neighbor, an active community member, and all the other extraordinary qualities you see shining through in your little person. Build a whole collection of Little People playsets and your kids will discover more about the world in wonderful, imaginative ways.Cool kid-sized vehicles fit perfectly in little handsHas a Little People character built right in so perfect for on-the-go funEncourages imaginative playCollect them all

Model Number:
UPC: 697691072159
SKU: 413915250
$8.99 $18.99
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~GENUINE Replacement Boy Fireman Figure for Little People Animal Rescue Set~INCLUDES one FIREMAN FIGURE Replacement for Little People Animal Rescue Set #DYR80~PERFECT Shape & Fitting for your Little People Animal Rescue Set~AUTHENTIC REPLACEMENT PARTS come in a sealed plastic bag - as received from Manufacturer~MADE FOR MODEL NUMBER DYR80 - Little People Animal Rescue Set

Model Number:
UPC: 887961882643
SKU: 391932917
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GENUINE Little People Snacks & Snuggles Bundle ~ GPB70INCLUDES 1 Bundle of 3 baby figures & 5 play elements from MANUFACTURERToddlers can "feed" & "snuggle" their babies with the Little People Snacks & Snuggles Bundle.Collect them all to play out more moments -- everyday or extraordinary -- ready to discover and explore!For kids 1 ½ to 5 years old

Model Number: GGT33|GGT36
UPC: 887961786743
SKU: 473973546
$4.88 $7.57
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Being a good friend and neighbor means helping out when you can. With the Little People Help A Friend Pick Up Truck, toddlers can pitch in whenever their Little People friends and neighbors need an extra hand for picking up and unloading! Little things that make a big difference, Imaginative Play: With an easy-to-grasp vehicle and figure, toddlers can use their imaginations to create stories as they play. Fine Motor: As toddlers grasp and move the vehicle, they're strengthening dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Model Number:
UPC: 746775258689
SKU: 111226735
$37.88 $39.99
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The Mike the Knight Klip Klop Arena is a detailed playset that brings Mike the Knight and Galahad to life. Watch as you bring Mike to the top of the arena and he magically "Klip Klops" or trots down the ramp, sliding around the corners till he gets to the bottom. As he approaches the last turn her will knock over the bullseye and knock down the rest of his targets. Integrated into the playset are classic details of Mike the Knight, with plenty of seating for the rest of Mike's friends. There is a removable flag that can fit in a few locations. This playset comes complete with the arena with the classic Mike the knight locations, as well as Mike riding Galahad.Little People Mike the Knight klip klop arena playsetThe Little People Mike the Knight Klip Klop Arena brings Mike and Galahad to lifeThey magically trot down the rampThere is plenty of seating for Mike's friends to watch him knock over his targets in the arenaChildren will love watching Mike and Galahad as they move down the ramp and around the corners all on their ownClassic Mike the Knight styling with Little People charmBrand is Fisher PriceRecommended for ages 1 1/2 to 5 years