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It Is baby's very own place to sit and discover new things! This "magic" ABC seat knows when baby sits, activating songs and phrases when baby stands. Press the light-up remote or flip book pages to hear numbers, shapes and more. Lift the cushion to reveal more fun surprises. The chair includes Smart Stages technology, an exciting new way to change learning content as baby grows. Every baby develops at their own pace, and Smart Stages gives you the ability to select the stage that is best for your child! There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play - just slide the switch or enter baby's age for automatic level changes. Smart Stages Technology: Level 1 - Explore - 12M+; First words and sounds spark baby?s curiosity. Level 2 - Encourage - 18M+; Prompt baby through questions and simple directions. Level 3 - Pretend - 24M+; Imaginative fun and early role play. For ages 12 to 36 months.

Model Number: FYK58
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The Linkimals Happy Shapes Hedgehog is packed with exciting play that grows along with your baby! Younger babies can spin, turn, toggle, and bat the activities on their buddy's back, or press the light-up buttons to hear songs and phrases about colors, shapes, and numbers. Then older babies can push or pull the hedgehog along for more fun music and sounds. Plus, when Happy Shapes Hedgehog recognizes other Linkimals friends, they create a synchronized music and light show! (Additional Linkimals toys sold separately.) Where development comes into play, Early Academics: The hedgehog's playful songs and phrases introduce your baby to shapes, numbers, and colors. Gross Motor: From sitting up to play, to crawling and pushing, to walking and pulling their pal along, this sweet hedgehog helps your baby's gross motor skills keep going and growing! Fine Motor: Spinning the roller, turning the butterfly clicker, pressing the toggle, and batting the bead bar isn't just super fun; these activities help strengthen your baby's dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Model Number: CBV62
UPC: 887961044270
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Bounce to the moon and back with the cutest characters on the block. Baby's natural jumping and kicking send this seat bouncing up and down with lights, sounds and musical rewards. All around play (360!) puts interactive toys right at baby's fingertips.Finger foods to keep baby busy include a colorful, light-up rainbow-key piano to play, a wiggly-jiggly froggy teether to chew, a clacker ring bar with 3 colorful rings to slide back and forth, and a caterpillar to click-click-click. Additional features, like easy assembly, 4-position height adjust and a machine-washable seat pad and fold-flat portability take the features of this popular baby shower gift over the top.

Model Number: GPY79
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The Fisher-Price Tiny Treats Gift Set keeps little foodies busy with delicious chewy fun. The Pizza Slice Teether is gluten-, dairy-, and BPA-free with a textured silicone crust and crinkly “veggies and cheese”. For taco Tuesday, baby can chow down on a crinkly taco shell with soft lettuce, tomato teethers and ribbon “beans” and “cheese.” And when baby’s acting salty because their chompers are coming in, the BPA-free Pretzel Teether offers teething snackers something soft and cute to chew on. Sized just right for small hands to grasp, these teething toys help develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Model Number: GXV83
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​Make your baby's playtime extra sweet with the Eat Dessert First Fisher-Price Infant Toy Gift Set. It features two deliciously fun pretend food toys, including a donut rattle and a macaron activity toy. The macarons feature three bright, fun colors and are attached along a lanyard. They make engaging jingle and clacker noises when shaken, encouraging little ones to play and develop tactile skills. At one end of the lanyard are a pair of ribbons, while a link at the other end attaches to a stroller or bag for playing on the go. A donut-shaped rattle is also included in this set of dessert toys. It's covered in colorful sprinkles for added texture and is safe for teething infants. This pair of pretend food toys is ideal for ages 3 months and up.

Model Number: GMV78
UPC: 887961862645
SKU: 796241490
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The Fisher-Price Baby Bunny Massage Set has everything for a soothing, post-bath time massage session with your baby. The waterproof mat is a comfy (and adorable) spot for your newborn to lie down and relax, and it doubles as a convenient changing pad with a machine-washable cover. The sweet bunny wedge is perfect for tummy-time play and helps support your baby during oh-so-relaxing back rubs. The set includes a guide to help you through the basics of baby massage, as well as a crinkly book and chewy carrot teether for playtime. Where development comes into play Sensory: The super-soft fabrics, crinkly book, and chewy teething toy all help engage your baby's developing tactile and auditory senses, as well as encourage teething. Security & Happiness: A soothing massage sesh with you and their soft bunny pal helps your baby feel calm and happy. Healthy Habits: This convenient massage set helps make post-bath time bonding part of your daily routine and helps soothe your baby before bed.

Model Number: GMV77
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The Fisher-Price All-in-One Panda Playmat provides your baby an engaging spot for comfortable tummy-time play, at home or while traveling. The plush, contoured mat has a built-in wedge to help support your little bear as they play during tummy time. There are four exciting activities for your baby to explore, including a peace sign baby rattle, leaf-shaped teething toy, crinkly "water bottle" toy, and a fun jingle sound in the panda's tail. When you're headed out, the playmat folds up with a convenient handle for take-along. Where development comes into play, Sensory: The panda's soft fabrics, crinkle and rattle sounds, and chewy teether engage your baby's developing tactile and auditory senses. Gross Motor: As your little bear pushes up during tummy time, their neck and core muscles are strengthened. Healthy Habits: As your baby enjoys some busy tummy time with the contoured panda mat, you can join too for a relaxing yoga sesh!

Model Number: GJW57
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The party lights and super-cool gym jams that get you pumped as you pump up. The encouraging workout pal cheering you on. It’s all great. But what really gets baby to lift The counting. With the Laugh & Learn Countin’ Reps Dumbbell from Fisher-Price, little fitness lovers are introduced to numbers, opposites and healthy habits as they workout with Puppy, shaking the rattle and pressing the buttons to activate music and lights.

Model Number: FHF73
UPC: 887961522068
SKU: 643142252
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From head to tail, this sweet snail is full of rockin' put and take fun! With 10 colorful shape blocks, little ones can stack 'em up tall or sort 'em into the shell. Once it's filled, just open the lid to spill them out and start again! And when your baby gives the snail a bat, this little play pail shells out learning fun with songs about colors, counting, and shapes! Where development comes into play Fine Motor: As babies grasp and interact with the shape-sorting blocks, they'll be building up their hand-eye coordinationand dexterity! Problem Solving: As little ones figure out which shape block goes where, they'll be exercising big thinking skills! Sensory: The snail's bright colors, fun sounds, and friendly face engage and excite your baby's senses.

Model Number: FXB95
UPC: 887961687187
SKU: 523226646
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With the Fisher-Price Have a Ball Hippo, your baby can go from a sweet cuddle-sesh to a game of catch in a snap. This 2-in-1 plush pal easily transforms into a ball (and back again) for endless peek-a-boo play. The Have a Ball Hippo has lots of fun textures for little hands to explore, and with a removable link, you can bring the fun wherever you and your baby go! Where development comes into play FineMotor: Little ones can exercise their dexterity skills as they grasp and interact with the ball. Sensory: The variety of soft, satiny, and crinkle fabrics engage your baby's developing tactile skills. Security & Happiness: Having an adorable hippo pal to hug and play with helps little ones feel secure.

Model Number: GNX43
UPC: 887961880397
SKU: 504586328
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Your baby can sway in style with the Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Soothe 'n Play Glider. This dual motion soothing seat has a removable rocker, so you can keep your newborn cozy anywhere in the house. Its sleek and modern design takes up less space than typical swings, without sacrificing the soothing features your baby loves. The glider can sway head-to-toe or side-to-side at six different speeds, with a variety of soothing music and sounds to choose from. And the infant seat removes to become a portable rocker with two bat-at animal toys for playtime fun! Where development comes into play Sensory: The friendly animal toys overhead engage your baby's visual skills, encouraging eye-tracking, while the gentle music stimulates their auditory senses. Security & Happiness: With its plush fabrics and soothing motions, this 2-in-1 glider and rocker helps keep your baby comfortable and secure.

Model Number: GJW17
UPC: 887961819014
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Let's get moving! Your busy baby can chat with Puppy, do some counting, and hear all about different colors and greetings with the Laugh & Learn Time to Learn Smartwatch. This pretend smartwatch looks just like the real thing, with a light-up screen, easy-grasp band, and lots of busy activities for your baby to explore. Where development comes into play, Early Academics: Sung songs and phrases introduce your baby to colors and greetings. Fine Motor Skills: Busy activities like pressing the toggle switch, turning the dial, and pushing the buttons helps strengthen your baby's dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Imaginative Play: The realistic smartwatch design lets babies and toddlers pretend to be just like you!