Best Choice Products 3.7qt Non-stick Electric Air Fryer Cooking Appliance for Home, Kitchen w/ 8 Cooking Presets, Temperature Control, Timer, Digital LED Screen Display - Black

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Best Choice Products 3.7qt Non-stick Electric Air Fryer Cooking Appliance for Home, Kitchen w/ 8 Cooking Presets, Temperature Control, Timer, Digital LED Screen Display - Black
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Product Description

Tired of fatty, unhealthy food but love that deep-fried taste? This air fryer has got your next party covered, with rapid air fry technology that cooks your food the healthy way! Say goodbye to fatty oils and hello to delicious home-cooked fried food. Featuring many different cook settings for all types of tasty treats, this air fryer will have you asking for seconds! FEATURES:Rapid hot air circulation cooking systemBuilt-in temperature control (176F-392F)Auto shut-off timer 8 Cooking PresetsBright, LED screen displayDetachable cooking basketBPA FREE, CSA, ETL & UL CERTIFIED, FDA APPROVEDDIMENSIONS: Overall Dimensions: 11"(L) x 11"(W) x 12"(H)Cord: 47"(L)Weight: 11.05 lbs.Pan Capacity: 3.7 Qt SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Plastic, SpecialtyVolts: 110-120V, 60HzTemp Range: 176F -392 FWattage: 1400WIncludes: Stainless steel grates, frying tongs, and recipe bookNo assembly required BCP SKU: SKY3101
Best Choice Products 3.7qt Non-stick Electric Air Fryer Cooking Appliance for Home, Kitchen w/ 8 Cooking Presets, Temperature Control, Timer, Digital LED Screen Display - Black:
  • Superheated rapid air technology cooks delicious food without fatty, unhealthy oils
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use LCD screen and 8 different temperature and time presets
  • Double protection circuit detection and automatic shut-off technology for maximum safety
  • Easy-to-clean, non-stick, dishwasher-safe PFTE coat
  • FDA grade material and ETL listed for safety; Overall Dimensions: 11"(L) x 11"(W) x 12"(H); Capacity: 3.7 qt
  • Easy-to-use LCD screen displays cooking temperature and time, and lets you control these options with intuitive buttons
  • Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Minimal assembly required (with instructions)
  • BCP SKU: SKY3101

Product Details

Brand Best Choice Products UPC 816586024398
Color Black Size 1111”(L) x 11”(W) x 12“(H)
Pre Order False Parent Item Id 687102327


Average Customer Rating: 4.504       Customer Review Count: 262      
Reviewer: coco2
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Great Air Fryer

I love this product so much. It is now one of my favorite appliances. Perfect size for me. Easy to clean and so far cooks great. Enjoying getting to know it better. Shocked that my chicken and fries were so golden and crispy. Salmon was perfect.... I will eat more fish now. After seeing my pictures and hearing me talk about the machine, a coworker purchased one. Honestly, purchased mine after leaning how much my sister loved hers, I baked cookies in it the other day. Although it cooked the cookies just as I like them, it is quicker to just bake them in the oven instead. But, I am trying everything to make sure I get the most use of this baby.
Reviewer: Belle
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Very happy with this purchase

I'm very happy with this product works great and looks beautiful in my kitchen counter, if your looking for a similar product this is the one, I have fried fish, chicken, pork, fries, and many more, it doesn't smell the house, you can create absolutely delicious meals.
Reviewer: MsTabathaAnn
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Well worth the money

I bought this about a month ago and use it daily with things I never imagined it could cook! I've cooked chicken, steak, sausage, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and even made s'mores! It is so quick to cook something in it (most of the time it's faster than the oven) and easy to use and the food taste amazing ❤️
Reviewer: MzT35824
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Great addition to my kitchen arsenal!

Large size and great for the price. Perfect for wings and absolutely no oil! I will be purchasing another one very soon.
Reviewer: SassieOne
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Great New Kitchen Tool/Very Quick Cook Time

The woman that I work for has a NuWave air fryer and she swears by it. When I came across this air fryer, I liked the clean look of it, and the features made this seem great for me since everything was straightforward and there wasn't too much involved with the technicalities of this. When this arrived, I was happy that this was packaged so well. My husband and I set this on a cutting board when we used it, as the instructions say to keep this off of any surface that isn't heat resistant and I didn't want our granite countertop to get damaged. This has a larger basin and then a detachable cooking basket that rests inside (the cooking basket is where you set your food and then the basin is where any excess drippings or fat drips off into). There is a space between the basin and the basket, and the basket has small holes throughout so that it ensure the circulation of air while cooking. I didn't have potatoes but I did have apples, and I wanted to see if I could make cinnamon apples in this. After washing both the basin and basket, we laid the prepared apples in the basket, placed the basket in the basin, and easily pushed the basket/basin into the air fryer after we preheated it. The handle that you hold for the basket/basin is great and is very secure when transferring to and from the fryer. The LED display is straightforward and you can either choose from the pre-set cooking options, or adjust the time and temperature manually. I wish you could have smelt how amazing our house smelt when we made the apples yesterday. This air fryer is fantastic. There is an air vent on the backside that circulates the hot air from the fryer. The apples came out delicious and were fully cooked (we did turn them halfway through). I was worried that this would be hard to wash by hand since there was gooey sugar in the recipe that was left over; however, this was easy to clean. We are really happy with this and we plan to make veggies and fish in it next. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review, which I have provided.
Reviewer: Aljo
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Love this!

After all the hype about these & several family members getting them for Christmas, I decided to check them out. It took me a while to decide which one to get. After watching many videos on many brands, this one sounded the best to me. The first thing I tried was frozen fries. They were done in 6 minutes. Crispy & just the way I like them. Today I made pork chops. I could only fit 2 in the basket, but they were fully cooked in 10 minutes, so I popped the other 2 in while we were eating. I can't wait to try chicken wings & meatloaf. This will come in so handy in the summer when I don't want to turn the oven on!! So happy I decided to get the BCP air fryer!!
Reviewer: DWR
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

The Right Size @ A Good Price

I was interested in a air fryer but with so many different brands, sizes, prices, etc, I decided on the BCP brand. The size I decided on was the 3.7qt. and it's the right one for my needs. I've been using it now for a week, and I am very satisfied with this air fryer.
Reviewer: donothaveanickname50
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

French Fry Approved

Purchased this as a gift for my 77 year old mother. Purposely bought this one with a digital screen for ease of operation. She had it for a week before I had a chance to show her how to use it. We "air" fried some Idaho potatoes we soaked in cold water for a few minutes, and drained, as well as egg rolls. Using the potato setting, they both came and crispy. This fryer is parent approved. The basket is slightly larger than on my fryer, which I like. It is about the size of a coffee maker so you could keep it out on your counter. My parents are looking for things to "fry" now. Easy to use.
Reviewer: pinkunikorn
Overall: 5
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Great product!

I got my air fryer a week ago and have used it just about every day since. I got it particularly for making fries because I love fries but hate using the deep fryer (messy, smells bad, expensive to keep clean oil in it). It makes awesome fries in about 12 minutes with no added oil. Everything I've tried in so far has been great; chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks. It's a good size and not too big to leave on the counter. I love it and definitely recommend!
Reviewer: OrionsMom
Overall: 4
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Not sure why I waited

Ordered this awhile back but was too lazy to open and use it. Fast fwd weeks later, I cooked some orange & ginger tofu in it and it came out delish!