7 Most Appreciated Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Merry Christmas Teacher

Everyone has a teacher in their life. Maybe it's the man who spends his afternoon teaching history to your daughter or the woman who coaches your son's after-school swim team. Perhaps it's someone closer to home, like a sibling who missed out your last family get-together because she was chaperoning an overnight field trip. The impact that teachers have is profound, which makes it natural to want to express your gratitude during the holiday season.

The truth, though, is that many teachers are bombarded with unnecessary, or even unwanted, gifts every Christmas. Somehow, the most popular Christmas gifts for teachers became gimmicky mugs, smelly hand creams and tacky tree ornaments. Although teachers do appreciate the thought behind these kinds of Christmas gifts, these Christmas gifts for teachers typically end up in the classroom trash can as soon as the final bell rings.

So what do teachers actually want for Christmas? In general, teachers appreciate Christmas gifts that are both personalized and useful. These seven gift ideas tick both boxes and are sure to be appreciated by any teacher long after the snow has melted.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the ideal Christmas gift for teachers. Opt for a gift card that can be redeemed at several different vendors, like a mall gift card, an Amazon gift card or a prepaid credit card gift card. If that's not possible, even a $5 gift card to the coffee shop across from the school can be a lifesaver on a rushed morning.


Teachers also love receiving tickets as Christmas gifts. It's safe to assume that a teacher is interested in the subject area that they're teaching, so consider buying tickets to the local theater for a drama teacher, or tickets to a sports event for a gym teacher. If possible, allow the teacher to select the date and time that works best with their schedule.



It doesn't matter how many pens, pencils and notepads a teacher starts the year with, as they all seem to disappear before the Thanksgiving long weekend. When you're looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers, look for decorative notepads (monograms are always a nice touch), a funky tape dispenser or colorful whiteboard markers. Chances are good that they'll be put to use within minutes, and they'll be loved until they too disappear!


Every gifted bottle of wine carries an unspoken message: "I value the work that you do, I know it can be tiring, and I believe you deserve some rest and relaxation." A mid-priced bottle of red or white wine is an easy Christmas gift for a hardworking teacher. Wine-loving teachers will likely enjoy it that evening, and even non-drinkers will appreciate having a bottle to bring to a seasonal potluck.

Wine Access

Classroom Upgrades

Usually, it's risky to buy classroom materials for a teacher at Christmas. It's kind of like buying a ledger book for an accountant or a pair of handcuffs for a police officer. However, if you've noticed that something in their classroom is broken or out-of-date, a replacement would be a lovely Christmas gift. The next time you're in the school take a good look around the classroom for things like storage bins, shelves, easels, clocks or posters that could use an upgrade.

A Lunch Delivery

Lunch breaks are a myth when you're a teacher. Most teachers have assigned supervision over lunch, and even those with unassigned time often spend their lunch hour offering tutorial sessions, test re-writes and emotional support. You can lighten a teacher's lunchtime load by giving the gift of a lunch delivery. Ask about their favorite local restaurants and what dishes they would recommend, then arrange for a special delivery to the school office. It's best to let them know about this gift a few days in advance so that they can plan their grocery shopping accordingly.

A Heartfelt Note

Twenty years from now, most teachers will have forgotten all of the Christmas gifts they received throughout their career. What they will remember is the impact they had on students and their families. If you don't have the time, money or inclination to shop for Christmas gifts for teachers, consider giving the gift of a heartfelt note expressing what their work means to you and how they made a difference. Long after the wine bottle is empty and the gift card is spent, the memory of your kind words will remain.

This holiday season, spread some festive cheer around the school by gifting from this guide. Whether your budget is $100 or $0, these Christmas gifts for teachers will be appreciated by anyone who works in a classroom.

Merry Christmas Teacher