4 Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics


Thinking of a suitable gift for a friend or relative can be a challenge. But if you're giving to a fitness fanatic, you can always opt for a keep-fit accessory. There's a huge variety to choose from, ranging from sportswear and exercise equipment to health and safety items and more. This four-point guide will help you clarify your preferences and refine your search through the fitness product catalogs.


Exercise tends to require special clothing, and clothing can wear out, so spares will always come in handy. If your friend goes jogging, for instance, they'll welcome some extra running socks , or a head band to keep hair and perspiration out of their eyes. For a more substantial present, you could give a sweatshirt, running jacket or trainers, checking their size and style preference first. If cycling is their forte, they may appreciate a thermal, non-slip gloves, a neck warmer or waterproof over-trousers. For a swimmer, you could give a cap or goggles, adding full swimwear or an after-swim towel jacket for a larger gift.


Most forms of exercise call for equipment of one kind or another, so find out what your friend lacks and fill the gap. For general fitness, an exercise mat is a useful item, and spares are always handy for keeping in different places. Prices vary, but some of the cheaper ones are a great value, as you'll see by the ratings. Weights are also popular, and offer plenty of size and price variation. Skipping ropes, muscle-building bands and swing bars to fit in doorways are all good for overall fitness.

Health and safety accessories

If your friend jogs or cycles in the dark, they'll welcome any high visibility accessory to keep them safe. Options range from fluorescent strips to luminous harnesses and jackets. If running, they may also need a head torch, and if cycling, they'll appreciate a spare bicycle lamp. As a fitness enthusiast, they're probably keen to improve their all-round health, and may be glad of a portable heart and blood pressure monitor. If they're trying to lose weight, they may want weighing scales. For a cheap gift, you can't go wrong with a sports water bottle, designed specially for carrying on the move.

Gym membership

How about skipping the task of choosing a present and wrapping it up? Here's an alternative idea: if your friend belongs to a gym, they'd be glad to receive a contribution towards membership costs. Your donation could be any size you like, covering a day, a week, a month or a year. A gift of this kind would be a great incentive for keeping up the gym visits and reaching those dream targets.

If in doubt, consult your friend before buying anything. If you want to retain an element of surprise, ask them to list their favorites for you to pick from, so they won't know exactly what's coming.
Whatever you choose in the fitness line, it'll promote your friend's long-term health and happiness, as well as bring them joy. What better way to support someone you care for?