23 Adorable Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When it comes to choosing the perfect baby shower gift, thoughtfulness, usefulness, and cuteness are key. It can be tough to find a gift that covers all these bases; to spare you the stress and save you the time, here are 23 cute baby shower gifts that the mom-to-be in your life is sure to appreciate.

Monthly Baby Milestone Stickers

These adorable stickers have milestones from "just born" to "12 months" and they can be placed squarely on the baby's clothing. They are perfect for adding a sentimental touch to all the photos your host will be taking of their little one during the first year of their life.

Mommy's First Milestones Wine Bottle Labels

Mommy's milestones are just as significant as her baby's! These hilarious wine bottle labels include milestones like "Mom's first public temper tantrum" and "Mom's first girl's night out."

Mom's Weekly Organizer

A planner with inspirational messages throughout that will help the mom-to-be plan daily meals, keep track of appointments, and remember upcoming birthdays and celebrations during a hectic time!

Sentimental Quote: Nursery Decoration

Are you looking for an adorable decoration for the future baby's nursery room, but need to find something that is small enough to wrap and give to the mom-to-be at her baby shower? Try this wall decoration for a sentimental touch. It can be placed directly onto a dresser or hung on the nursery wall.

A Teddy Bear and White Noise Machine in One

This cuddle-inducing white noise machine not only looks adorable but is a tool that will help the future mother's baby sleep; something that will be desperately needed especially during the first few months of the newborn's life!

Mom's Five-Second Memory Journal

This journal contains cute prompts that the host can use to quickly record her thoughts after her little one is born.

Humorous Soothers

This gift is sure to give the mother a laugh in the future at times when her baby is fussy. These soothers come with two cute messages ("mute button" and "pull to sound alarm"). Made of silicone, they are hygienic as well.

Baby's Footprint Scrapbook

This scrapbook kit allows mothers to get their baby's footprint or handprint, mess-free. There are tons of ways to get creative with this scrapbook: the mom-to-be can put photos of her baby beside his or her tiny footprint, or put her handprint beside her baby's handprint side by side. This gift offers her an adorable way to record her baby's growth.

Pregnancy Gift Box

A little something to help your host prioritize self-care. This gift box comes with a foot soak, organic prenatal juice, and super comfortable socks.

Baby Briefcase

Both cute and handy, this briefcase snaps shut and comes with multi-colored plastic folders and a small frame where the mom-to-be can place a photo of her baby. It's perfect for keeping track of all the paperwork she will have for her new baby, from social security forms and birth certificates to thank you notes and warranties for baby equipment.

Baby Einstein Clip-On 'Shapes and Numbers' Soft Cards

You can take these little educational cards anywhere. Your host can teach and soothe her baby on the go with this Baby Einstein product, which includes five fabric shape and number discovery cards along with two cute frog and lion-shaped clips.

A Fashionable (and Functional) Diaper Bag

This peach-colored bag looks more like a fashionable purse than a diaper bag! But don't be deceived; even though it's cute, it's incredibly functional, too, with a large main compartment and several insulated pockets perfect for wet clothes, milk or water bottles, towels, and more.

Cuddlebug Baby Sling

This gift will be useful for the mom-to-be while she is on the go, or while she is soothing her baby at home. With a cute pink polka-dot design, she can easily hold her baby close in this soft baby sling.

Sleep Sack

Your host probably knows that putting blankets in her baby's crib poses a safety hazard, and this gift provides an adorable alternative. With cute elephant and lamb designs, these cozy sleep sacks will leave her baby in a warm, peaceful slumber.

Mini Playset

This playset comes with hanging toys and music and activities for the baby to have fun with.

New Mom Survival Kit

This small yet adorable package contains encouraging sayings about motherhood, along with cute symbolic items like marbles for when your host feels like she's losing her mind, and Lifesaver candies for when she's having a bad day.

'I Can't Keep Calm I'm Having a Boy/Girl' Mug

This is the perfect personalized gift for a mom-to-be who knows the sex of her baby! They are available for "boys" and "girls."

A Stuffed Animal (Made By You!)

This is the perfect personalized gift for a mom-to-be who knows the sex of her baby! They are available for "boys" and "girls."

Baby Bullet

This newborn-friendly version of the Magic Bullet is perfect for a mother who wants to make healthy baby food but is short on time.

Baby Blanket

A small, soft blanket that is perfect for cuddle time with mommy.

Bedtime Routine Kit

Johnson's adorable bedtime gift set comes with a book, stuffed animal, baby bath, shampoo, and lotion. It has been clinically proven to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Cute Diaper Changing Pad

With a cute elephant design, comfortable cotton padding, and waterproof material, your host can use this gift to change her baby's diaper in style.