12 Fantastic Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Love Cars


Is your dad a car enthusiast? Whether he loves racing, pouring over antique vehicles or just fixing up his own ride, you can find the perfect Father's Day gift for a man who appreciates cars. Here are 12 ideas to get you started.

Automatic Pro Car Adapter

This little device will help Dad track everything related to his car. It contains a GPS program that will tell Dad where his car is no matter who is driving. It also has a trip tracker, an engine light decoder and crash detection, and he can connect it to other digital devices.

Car Show Tickets

Treat your dad to a day out at a local car show. You can choose a show with a focus on antiques, muscle cars, concept cars, luxury cars or a particular brand. Your dad will enjoy spending hours looking at each vehicle and talking to other enthusiasts about the details.
If the car show is a big one, consider springing for a hotel room so Dad can have more than one day in automotive bliss.

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Dash Camera with Built-in GPS and WiFi

With a dashboard camera, Dad can keep video of his travels. He can use it to record himself in the driver's seat for social media rants, and it could come in handy in case of a crash. Some models will record both the front and rear or your car and can be used as a backup camera as well.

Desktop Car Engine Model

Does your dad love to rebuild car engines? Get him an engine model that he can construct himself and then display on a desk for others to admire. He will have a great time putting it together and even more fun showing it off.

Professional Car Detailing Kit

People who love their cars also love having their cars clean. Get Dad a complete detailing kit with every tool and spray he could possibly need to keep his car looking shiny and new. He will be in his own personal heaven waxing, buffing and scrubbing to his heart's content.
You could make this gift even better by including some credits to the local car wash or a gift certificate for a professional detailing service.

Engine Block Coffee Table

This gift is the perfect addition to a man cave, especially for men who like cars. This novelty coffee table is made by attaching a clear tabletop to a real engine block. It's a conversation piece and a great place to put down a beer.

Racing Simulator Cockpit

Does your dad daydream about being a racecar driver? Let him live out his fantasy with a new Racing Simulator. This simulator will allow your dad to use technology to experience various race cars and tracks all over the world. He can play by himself or compete against other racers online.

Car Battery Jumpstart Kit

Your dad will be able to give any car a boost with a portable jumpstart kit. The kit includes a rechargeable power pack with cables that can be used to jump a car with a drained battery. This is a good choice for dads who love to come to the automotive rescue.

Car Magazine Subscription

There are hundreds of magazines devoted to cars. Whether you dad likes to learn about mechanical techniques or just wants to look at cool pictures, there is a perfect car magazine for him. Get him a subscription to a magazine about the car he owns or encourage him to indulge in fantasies of his dream car.

Family Photo Key Chain

Combine two of your dad's passions into one item he can carry everywhere he goes. Get your dad a keychain with a picture of his family. He can use it to tote his precious car keys and be reminded of the people and cars he loves.

Portable Tire Pump

Your dad can get air anywhere he goes when he has a portable source of air for his tires. A portable pump will help keep him from getting stranded with a flat.

Radar Detector

Protect your speed demon dad from being stopped by the police by giving him a radar detector that will let him know when he's being watched. He will appreciate this device that can help keep him out of trouble.

Let your dad know you love him by getting him something for Father's Day that he can really use. From race car driving to tracking devices, use this list to help you find the perfect gift for your car enthusiast dad.