10 Unique and Unusual Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for a gift for the kid who has everything? Do you want to give that child in your life something really special?

When you want to give a child something that will be remembered and appreciated, it's helpful to think beyond traditional toys. Here are 10 unique gift ideas for kids. Which one will thrill a child you love?

1. Personalized Art Box

Personalized Art Box: Create something special for the young artist in your life by personalizing an art box with age-appropriate supplies to inspire young imaginations. Start with a toolbox, a large basket, a makeup supply box or some other big container. Then fill it with all kinds of supplies for arts and crafts. Use crayons and finger paints for a younger child and more sophisticated tools for someone older. Don't forget about clay, ceramics and building with wood. Add yarn, colorful paper and stickers for kids who like to make cards, and include beads for a jewelry enthusiast. You can decorate the box yourself or leave it to the artist.

2. Museum Tickets


Museum Tickets: Sometimes the best gifts aren't things, but experiences. Children's museums are incredible places for little ones to learn and explore, and most towns have at least one. Older kids might like a membership to a sculpture gallery, a science center or a planetarium. Check out what is available where you live, and find something meaningful to your recipient. If you live close by, offer to schedule a time to take the child yourself. Spending time with you will make the gift even better.

3. Unicycle

Unicycle: Most kids have bicycles, but how many have unicycles? Consider a gift like this for a child who is just a little bit quirky and likes to think outside the box. You will have fun watching the child learn a fun skill, and the child will enjoy a unique new hobby.

4. Bedroom Lights

Bedroom Lights: A string of lights is an easy and inexpensive gift that most people don't consider. Kids love lights, and you can get them in all kinds of shapes and colors. Find something that will match the child's bedroom or speak to a particular interest the child has. Help the child string lights on the ceiling, around windows or across a bed frame for a magical glow every evening.

5. Sleepover Coupon

Kid playing a game

Sleepover Coupon: Can you offer a child an amazing evening of movies, games and late-night fun? Create a coupon for a sleepover at your place. Ask the child to help you plan an awesome menu and some engaging games. Rent some movies, make some popcorn, and you have the perfect overnight event. This will not only be a great gift for the child, but parents are likely to appreciate it as well.

6. Backyard Zipline

Backyard Zipline: Every kid in the neighborhood probably has a swing set, but how many have backyard ziplines? These cool outdoor toys go beyond the traditional playground equipment and offer a thrilling experience that is never a bore.

Work with the child's parents to decide on a model that is strung between two trees or comes with posts you assemble yourself. The type of zipline you get will depend on the size of the children involved and the physical landscape of the backyard where it will be placed.

7. Birth Year Box or Scrapbook

Birth Year Box or Scrapbook: Kids love to hear about their own births. Gather up materials for a box or scrapbook that will serve as a personal history lesson. If you were there when the child was born, jot down some memories. Even if you weren't there, you can gather information about the child's birth day and year.

Include recordings of songs that were popular, the year's top earning movies and a list of television shows that everyone was watching. You may even be able to find copies of magazines or newspapers printed the year of the child's birth. Include as many photographs as possible.

8. Lessons

Girl playing piano

Lessons: Learning a new skill can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Unfortunately, lessons can be expensive and overwhelming for parents. Maybe you can help by offering to pay for classes; you could even take the child to and from the activity.

If you are interested in investing in a child long-term, consider offering lessons in something like music, gymnastics or dance. Keep in mind that if the child loves the activity but the family cannot afford it, you could be committing yourself to many years of sponsorship. If you are uncomfortable with that level of giving, try offering the child something like a week-long art class or a day camp for young athletes.

9. Weaving Loom

Weaving Loom: Weaving is an amazing activity for young crafters, but most people never consider this particular form of self-expression. A weaving loom makes a cool gift that a young person can continue to use into adulthood. The child in your life will love using the new loom to make gifts for other people as well.

10. Sports, Concert, Theatre Tickets

Sports, Concert, Theatre Tickets

Sports, Concert, Theatre Tickets: Every child has a favorite television show, music group or sports team. Instead of a toy, give a child an incredible memory of a magical day at a theatre, arena or concert venue.

Many television shows for young children offer live versions that tour from city to city. Older kids might love to attend a real professional baseball game or spend an enchanting evening at the ballet.

You can break away from boring gifts and give something a child will truly enjoy and always remember. Use these 10 ideas to get you started and discover the wonder you can bring with a unique gift for a child you love.