About Us

EzShop4Me.com started in 2011 and was the idea of a business owner who was having a hard time shopping online. He did not like having to visit multiple websites to see who offers the best price. It was difficult to comapare product descriptions and read product reviews mainly because of all of the navigation and browser tabs that needed to be open at the same time. Often times he would end up purchasing a product at a higher price only to find out later that it was offered some where else much cheaper. As a result of this EzShop4Me was born.

When EzShop4Me.com allows users to shop and compare products from top retailers. When a customer clicks on a specific product they a presented with a list of retailers who also offer this product. They can now shop and compare product prices, descriptions, reviews, images and more all on one website.

At EzShop4Me.com you can find products in a wide variety of categories and sub categories. Some of the top level categories we offer are Appliances, Audio, Car Electronics, GPS, Cameras and Camcorders, Cell Phones, Computers and Tablets, Industrial, Movies and Music, TV and Home Theater, Home Improvemnet, Household Essentials, Software, Toys, and Video Games. These top level categories have sub categories such as Refrigerators, Light Bulbs, Unlocked Phones, Blu Rays, Electrical, Laptops, Woodwind Instruments, External Storage, Electronics for Kids and much more, which allows users to search inside a specific subcategory to find the product they need. Products can be offered in new, used, refurbished, or collectible conditions which we believe will be a huge benefit.

Our mission at EzShop4Me.com is to provide a fast and efficient way to find the products you need without having to go to multiple sites. We do this by offering a huge database of products to choose from which you can find the product you are looking for. Users start searching for a product by selecting a top level category or subcategory from the products navigation menu. Users can then further refine their search by using the Search Filters that will allow them to filter their search to narrow down the results and find the product they need. Each time the user selects a filter they will be presented with a new set of filters from which they can further refine the results.

We believe that this product search engine will give our users the best chance of finding the products they need. We are continuing to look for new ways to expand our products database to offer users the best possible online shopping experience.